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Originally Posted By Scooter1942: I'm at GT Distributors today picking up my G41 that finally arrived. Lots of dumb fucks out there, was in an armory when a dumb fuck LEO sent a round into the floor, too lazy to use the tube and obviously thought it was not going to go bang. Originally Posted By gotuonpaper: Its basically a safe way to clear your weapon for doofuses like this guy at the LGS. When I was in Panama the clearing barrel outside the arms room had not one, not two but several bullet holes out the back. If I were GT, I'd be REALLY concerned about your injury sustained in their store by no fault of your own.

I would have gotten a roll of quarters from the guy at the register and punched the ND guy in the ear as hard as I could.
People are idiots, but I feel like this clearing tube is an excellent way to keep idiots from being more dangerous than it already is to be firing a gun indoors unintentionally. 4 simple rules. Its not hard to pause for a second and ask yourself, "am I doing or about to do something monumentally stupid?" Most of these incidents come about when their hands are working faster than their brain. This was the "clearing barrel area" where you would, duh, clear your rifles, pistols, shotguns, and mounted weapons. To assert dominance of course. That would be one of the worst places to rob or go on a rampage.

Just as he does, some dude right next to me goes to clear his Sig 938 in the little metal clearing tube they have on the counter.
Big frikkin signs painted with each step of the clearing process were above each barrel so you couldn't say you didnt know the steps. Did you tell them you were injured and in pain? Are you serious? Tinnitus is no joke, and the OP didn't cause it, someone else did.

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