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Clear Ear is also using the crowdfunding of the Oto-Tip to make ear health more readily accessible around the world. Contributors to the campaign can provide one ear health screening and cleaning for students in Varni, India for $20, or receive their own Oto-Tip and provide the "Here and There" perk for $50.
Clear Ear, the company behind the Oto-Tip, spun out of Stanford Biodesign in 2011 and is a StartX Med alumni company.
I Just Wanted To Thank You For That Advice About The Cotton Swabs That YouA Were Talking About. The Oto-Tip has an automated flexible tip that moves in a precise motion to direct ear wax outwards, rather than simply push wax further into the ear canal as cotton swabs do.

Everyday, millions of people around the world clean their ears the wrong way, adding to the problem. While repeat use of cotton swabs dries out the ear canal, causing itchiness, which many people attempt to alleviate with more cotton swabs, the soft tip of the Oto-Tip is designed to prevent this cycle. Backers of the campaign can choose "Here and There" perks that provide a free ear health screening and cleaning to one other person in addition to the product they receive themselves.
After 3 years of research and development, which was initially funded by grants from the California Healthcare Foundation, it commercialized a FDA-Listed medical device for ear cleaning in the clinics. Lily Truong, creator behind the Oto-Tip, has first-hand experience with hearing impairment.

Over 25.5 billion one-time-use cotton swabs are produced each year, but the Oto-Tip is reusable, preventing waste and saving money.
While at the CCD, Healthy Scholar's Health Screening Camp will focus on 5 key areas: hearing, thyroid, vision, dental, and girls health.
Clear Ear will be supporting the "Ear Health Screening Camp and Ear Cleaning" portion for the students, along side other partners supporting the other 4 areas of focus.

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