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It is perfect to slip into your suitcase or overnight bag if you are staying away from home! Should you need to return this item we are not able to refund the cost of the vinyl lettering. Lettering: Choose from Pink, Purple, Green, Aqua, Blue Navy, Copper, Silver or Gold Lettering.
Our new Earring storage book has been designed to store up to 48 pairs of earrings neatly and securely.

The book has four felt pages with space for 12 pairs on each and is great for studs, clip ons and creoles. Ideal for popping on a shelf at home amongst your book collection, standing on a dressing table or how about using it in your suitcase when travelling. Equally, it’s great to discreetly tuck away your earrings amongst a bookshelf for added security for more valuable earrings. Full instructions are provided so you can apply the lettering where ever you choose so that you can personalise your book.

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