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Abaran’s Diamond Jewellery collection is really drool worthy with each piece stylishly and beautifully designed. This choker necklace with diamonds and emerald is my favorite piece from their diamond collection.
Flowers have been the inspiration for jewelry since long time but only few jewelry portray the real beauty of the flower like this coral and diamonds sunflower necklace and earring. Abaran has an awesome collection of Antique jewelry as well with beautiful polki work, designed by a team of skilled designers from Jaipur.
So next time when you are planning to buy jewelery make sure you visit Abaran Jewellers to get awwwed by there collection.
Every bride is special in their own way, while some brides look beautiful in their gorgeous lehengas and sarees others prefer to steal the show with their beautiful jewelry.
Loved her makeup and her pinkish lip shade, gives a very fresh and bright look to her face. And I liked this concept of making collage of various pictures of the wedding ceremony by Coolbluez photography, perfect way to get a glimpse of all the memories. Humans have been in love with jewelry since the ancient times, they used leaves, stones, shells, animal bones and what not to make jewelry. I also love to explore out new jewelry collections and only recently visited Kalyan Jewellers store in Dickenson Road, Bangalore. They have a vast collection of jewelry designs suitable for various occasion in gold, silver, diamond, platinum and precious stones.
So if you are a jewelry lover and love to add variety in your collection, you must visit Kalyan Jewellers store which are open is various cities now. The best suitable jewelry item provides you with amorousness and striking appearance and ability to spark your conversation. However, in this world where each day is welcomed by new jewelry shapes & designs, it is equally important to consider how well the ornament complements your face and body structure.
V-Neck: It is the sexiest neckline as it scoops down to as low as it can go and brings out your bare skin.
Turtleneck: You should determine the length and chunkiness according to your choice by observing how various styles sit upon your bust. Crew Neck: If you wear a crew neckline, choose a right necklace to wear as it mitigates the body- and neck-shortening effects. Boat Neck: No doubt, the Boat Neck is designed to attract viewers to broad shoulders or large bust. Scoop Neck: Because, all necklace shapes must compliment the neckline, a scoop-neck is another versatile quality selection when it comes for choosing Jewelry. Open-Collar Blouse: Open collar neckline is concerned with blouse, having the top buttons undone. Strapless: Choose the necklace that sits closure to the neck, strapless is better complemented by such jewelry.
After choosing the necklace that best matches your outfits, it is essential to consider diamond’s quality and different attributes.

If the length and width of your face is equal and the outer curve is circular, then yours is a round face-cut. Round earrings on the other hand will only highlight the roundness on one’s face and hence, she be avoided by those with a round face.
For earrings, you can also pick circular or triangle-shaped ones as these will give you a rounded look. Where hoops will give roundness, long or multi layered danglers will add length to your face. If you have small chin, wide forehead, and prominent cheekbones, you have heart shaped face. So stand in front of the mirror, observe your face cut and choose the best option to reveal your beauty and grace. Did you think my exploration of the Tanishq Inara diamond jewelry collection got over in the last post??? They also had nice collection of pendant sets with flower design, chakra designs suitable for various occasions. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The collection has both heavy necklaces for functions and occasions while light weight pendant sets for daily wear.
What I liked about the collection is, it is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design which makes it suitable to be worn with both Indian and western attires.
And here Palak also chose to dazzle the stage in her Diamond and Ruby necklace with matching earrings and maang tikka. And then they evolved and started using shiny metals and precious stones to make more elaborate jewelry.
Because I have been hearing a lot about BIS 916 hallmark promotion by them which is basically Indian Certificate for the purity of the gold and silver jewelry. There were both traditional and contemporary designs, beautifully made with precision and there salesperson were also very friendly and enthusiastic to show there collection, worth a visit. Antique Jewelry Collection: This collection has heavy necklaces and earring with long beaded strings and heavy pendants, very true to the name of this collection.
Azva Collection:  Azva is the bridal collection which is the symbol of togetherness inspired by the 7  vows of marriage and therefore jewelry pieces consist of 7 flowers, 7 gems and similar. Eterna Collection: Name Eterna is derived from Eternal and is very apt for this collection which has necklaces with multiple gold beaded strings, which have been in fashion years ago and are loved today also.
Diamond Jewelry: Diamonds do not need any words to describe them, they just make you speechless. It should be teamed with a single-strand pearl bracelet, as it completes the wedding look elegantly.
The features are added to make you more attractive and have fascinating look when dangling behind the neck. Keep In mind, there are four categories to be considered while rating the quality of a diamond.

Blemished is for Surface flaws (chips, pits, and scratches) whereas Inclusions refer to internal flaws (cracks and air bubbles etc).
Buy the diamond pendant of your choice from that have the above certificates from the above mentions institutions. Hence, it is essential to choose the most suitable item that goes well with your facial contour. Necklaces extending up to 32” inches below the neckline serve as the best bet to add definition on a rounded face.
So, Long earrings and neck pieces will only elongate your look and accentuate the length of your face. If you are one with such face then drop, dangle and curved earrings are best to bring out your hidden beauty. So as you saw some lovely necklace sets from this collection in my last Tanishq Inara Collection post, here I would be sharing gorgeous rings, earrings and pendant sets from this collection. Well who would better know the importance of jewelry than we Indians, we have jewelry for every occasion varying from minimalist pieces to grand and goddy ones, you name it and we have it. I checked couple of their jewellery and true to their claim they were all BIS 916 certified, a big thumbs up to them for this!! A good looking necklace gives you an opportunity to freely turn your head and pause for a moment. By following the above criteria, you will be able to but the original and quality diamonds and enhances your beauty.
Quality fashion jewellery is being highly favored and preferred by the ultra-modern elegance-seeking lot of today.
All shapes and sizes of diamond jewellery can go well with an oval face as this is neither too long, nor too wide. In this trendsetting scenario, where endorsements by celebrities become fashion, one must follow the trend keeping in mind what suits them the most.
Along with these, rectangular and square shaped jewellery also looks good on women with a round face. So it is important to choose the quality fashion jewelry that perfectly goes with your facial color and structure. To enhance the style and accent beauty, you can wrap it various times and form a lock in center.
Keeping pace with contemporary fashion is good, but equally important is how well it complements your face and body structure.
It is a right thing to keep pace with changing fashion trends and match with the contemporary demands. Some non-suiting jewellery items can accentuate weaker areas and consequently lessen the impact of your make-up and clothes.

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