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I like to put my earrings on a card, and I use a clear cellophane type of bag to display them. So I had a neighbor build me these earring display shelves out of oak – but I am sure you can use any type of wood. There is a small slot on the shelf where the earring packet sits, and the earring packet slips into the slot.
They have sides that just pull open from the back with a chain that holds the angle of the tilt. At the end of a show, I just put all the earrings in a box, fold up the displays flat and they are very easy to transport. I like to display earrings in baggies, too – especially at outdoor shows where dust, moisture, etc.
This is such a great way to display your packaged pieces up off the tabletop and in a sturdy yet very attractive display.

This is pretty, but people like to touch and hold up to their ear and this makes that difficult. I just re-inventoried all my pieces last week and put all my earrings on home-made cards and put in plastic bags.
I actually sold More earrings at my last show with this consistent packaging, and believe I’d sell even more still if they were up on display like this. Is there any way that Kathleen could take a picture of the back, the stand part of this display. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. Earring Cards How To Make Jewelry Display Pictures, Earring Cards How To Make Jewelry Display Images. I like the oak as the stands are not heavy but strong enough that if you are doing an outdoor show, the stands or the earrings won’t blow off the table. The bags are easy to open, and i encourage the customers to do that if they want to see what they look like.I have a mirror handy too.

If you’re anything like me, though, finding the right jewelry to match your outfit can be really difficult if it is disorganized.
Lucky for you (and for me!), there are some really great ideas out there for DIY jewelry organizers! Here are 11 fun, creative, and stylish ideas for organizing your jewelry.DIY Jewelry TreesFeeling like bringing a little bit of nature indoors?
Taking the idea of a jewelry tree literally, both My So Called Crafty Life and Sincerely Yours made gorgeous jewelry trees from sticks they found in their own backyards! Slap on a little spray paint and some sort of base and you have yourself an inexpensive (or even free if you use leftover materials from around your home) jewelery organizer that certainly makes a beautiful statement.DIY Pegboard Jewelry OrganizersOur next two ideas by The 36th Avenue and Say Yes To Hoboken definitely prove that pegboards are not just for basements, garages, and workshops. I use plated wires and extra beads, and put the earrings in these clear bags, no card, and have them in a tin.
With a coat of paint and a DIY wood frame, these pegboard jewelry organizers are an attractive, fun addition to a bedroom or dressing area!

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