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As promised in one of my earlier post (Traditional Bengali Gold Wedding Jewellery - Part I) here are some more Bengali wedding gold jewellery designs with their respective Bengali names.
This single Jhumka is made up of 15 gms of gold and this is called Jhar Jhumka, it is a modern and very trendy design of Jhumkas. Jhumkas are mainly designed with a round chhatri (umbrella shape) in its bottom, but now a days these chhatri designs are replaced by different shapes like, trianlges, squares etc. This Jhumko in image below was a gift from my grand mother on my wedding day and this gold jewellery is very special to me because, it was worn by my grand-mother on her wedding day. And here is a trendy and modern design of Jhumko or jhumka which I bought last year on my birthday. Below is an another beautiful, trendy and elegant design of Bengali bridal gold ear jewellery Kaan.

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Some jewellery stores also offer folding Jhumkas or detachable Jhumkas which can be worn in different ways.
To me it is not just a piece of traditional gold jewellery, it has lots of sentiments attached to it.
Though it lost its popularity some years back, but the charming and classy unique design of this Bengali wedding gold jewellery has won back hearts of its admirers and has become hot favourite.
It begins from five fingers followed in each hand and thumb and Ratanchur has five chains attached to each ring .Many of these have decorated moon, lotus and sun at the back of the hand.
These gold jewellery are very broad almost a size of a drinking glass and require a heavy amount of gold like 80 gms and above.

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This kind of ornaments or jewellery look like the shape of human ear and when this jewellery is worn, it totally covers the ear.
Kaan means ear and Bala means bangle, thus these jewellery are inspired by the shape of round bangle or Bala and as it is worn on ear, people named it Kaan Bala. A pair of Chur requires alot amount of gold like a pair will need atleast 40 to 50 grams of gold.

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