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2.) Measure the opening of your frame and cut out a piece of screen door fabric accordingly. 3.) Once you have your screen door fabric, stretch tightly across the back of the frame and insert staples into the frameĀ one inch apart. A friend made a super cool earring holder for less than $3 that is so crafty and frugal I had to share her creation with you. The pictured earring holder actually uses a different kind of mesh that I found at the hardware store, which is made of fiberglass instead of metal. I tried something similar–with the mesh from a screen, and it started to tarnish my earrings so I stopped using it.
Paint the canvas the same color as the wall and the mesh fades away or use a contrasting color – or save money and just leave it white!

You can probably do better than $10 on the price of the frame if you shop at a thrift store or garage sale. Acrylic earrings holder FJ-0099, holding 32 pairs earringsAcrylic earrings holder FJ-0099   The acrylic earrings hold can display 32 pairs of earrings. Insert the staples as close to the frame opening as possible, as this will help keep the fabric taut. To hang your earring holder, it is best to attach small sawtooth hangers to the frame, especially if it’s large and heavy. In its place she inserted a rectangle of wire mesh she bought at the hardware store, cut to fit. With that said, I just poked one very, very small hole in the center of my fabric and used a small nail to hang my earring holder.

I happened to have this old frame laying around the house, and that’s why I chose it.
As for my inspiration for these handy earring holder frames, my dear friend Kristen thought them up when we were in college.
One important thing to note: you will be using a staple gun to adhere the screen door fabric to the frame, so make sure your frame is sturdy enough to stand-up against a staple gun.

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