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May 26, 2012 By: BabsProjects4 CommentsI came upon this unique grater earring holder on Pinterest , and since then wanted to make my own version of it. For my version of the grater earring holder, I wanted to use a flat grater, so I could hang it up on the wall.
I am Babita, an Indian-American mom with a passion for arts & crafts and do-it-yourself projects.

Buy a cheap frame from a second-hand store, paint it, & attach plastic needlepoint canvas to the back: Voila! Product DescriptionSteel gray jewelry display stand, Padded L shaped earring or pendant display holder. As I was contemplating the choice of paints, my little one insisted I use Neon Purple acrylic paint.

Who would have thought that a humble vegetable grater could claim a valuable  space on our dresser as a  earring holder.

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