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About MeI am a wife, mom of five, and the founder and CEO of Hearts at Home, an organization that encourages, educates and equips moms of all ages and stages of motherhood.
SpeakingJill speaks on the topics of motherhood, marriage, adoption, parenting, living with less, and women’s issues in both church and business environments.
Jill will work with your theme, your audience, and your needs to provide inspiration and practical takeaways for every person in the audience. I hope that you have chosen an earring holder that you will make it for yourself or it could be a sweet gift for your dear friend. This entry was posted in Just For Fun and tagged diy earring holder, earring Holders, earring storage, earring storage ideas. You can easily organize and store your earrings, necklaces, key chains and other jewelry and accessories with our finely crafted jewelry and key chain holders. Woodwitch's earring holders are easier to use than earring trees--each horizontal rack has slots so post earrings can be stored without removing the backs. For people who don't need the 24-pegs on our double-decker model, we've made a 15-peg large necklace holder with just the top tier from the double-decker.

9-peg holder for necklaces, bracelets, watches or just about anything else you want to display and keep from tangling.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or we will gladly refund your money, including your shipping charges. Have you got the same frustrating moment that you have lots of earrings around your bedroom but it takes a long time to find your favorite earring in a hurry?
All these earring holders are cheap and you will need materials like mirror, CDs, wooden, sponge, paper box, hanger, etc. No more wearing the same earrings over and over because it's too hard to find a matching pair.
Although we started making these as necklace holders, we soon discovered at the craft shows that people liked them for organizing and displaying collectibles (key chains, even small stuffed animals). If you are planning to make a jeweled earring holder as a gift, choose some jewelry making supplies like pearl beads, glass beads, rhinestones, buttons or even broken jewelry to decorate it. When you put all of your earrings as above ways, all your favorite earrings will be visible and easy to choose.

Available in oak in several finishes as well as cherry, African mahogany, maple and walnut. As you all know, I’m always here to show you some inspirations, ideas and solutions to make you a happier and easier life.
There are many different creative ways in which you can display and quick reorganize your earrings, right?
So today I have a wonderful collection for you called 10 Earring Holders – Earring Storage Ideas, which will well-solved yours and mine problems. Personally, the six one is my most favor idea and I will have a try in my leisure time as soon as possible. Earring holders are available in oak (four finishes) and cherry, African mahogany, maple and walnut, so you can find one to fit in with your own home decor.

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