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925 Sterling Silver And 18k Gold Pair Tone Genuine Smoky Quartz Earrings Crafted In 925 Silver And 18k Yellow Gold 2 Stones 3.
Pearl Danglimg Earrings - 14k Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings 2 " Each Dangling Helix Faceted Bead Chain Earring Features Fifteen - 4mm Pearls One 6mm Pearl In Each Earring (32 Pearlx Total).
These brilliant Custom Diamond Earring Jackets are set in 14k white gold and hold 0.56ctw gorgeous A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee. These earring jackets form a halo of diamonds surrounding your solitaire earrings or pearl studs crafted of quality 14 karat white gold.
We warrant and guarantee the quality of the articles of jewelry for life, as long as you allow only a Shane Co. Some orders may ship same-day, make sure to check your estimated delivery date if your order is extremely time sensitive. Each containing 12 diamonds in a circular claw setting, these earring jackets enhance any diamond or round coloured stone stud earrings. Delivery times may be longer for special orders, items out of stock or items that require sizing. Please contact us to confirm delivery times as it will vary according to your country of residence. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for online purchases* (please note exceptions below).
We can GUARANTEE that if you work for any of the banks, building societies, insurance companies, forces, NHS, local councils or educational establishments then you WILL already have free membership and there are about 8,000 other companies that are members too. At Macintyres we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise.  No other jeweller in Scotland has two full time award winning gemmologists and two qualified diamond fellows of the Scottish Gemmological Association. At Macintyres we have the highest qualified staff possible including our expert diamond graders and gemmologists and we believe that, like us, our customers want quality and value. With the exception of some fancy coloured diamonds, the most valuable diamonds are those with the least colour. Many of Macintyres’ diamonds come with independent certificates confirming the quality and cut grade of the individual stone. Beware of other diamond sellers who provide obscure certificates or self-certify their own stones. Along with all Macintyres products, our gemstones and diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict free. We will be more than happy to accurately measure your finger in-store and offer advice on the most suitable size. Standard wedding bands are available in ladies’ sizes from I to O and in gent’s sizes from P to Z. Diamond set and bespoke wedding bands are made to order in your size and will take longer than our standard delivery times.

Photos are enlarged to show detail--consult each item's specifications for actual dimensions. When you print the ring sizer, you must set the Page Scaling to “None” in your printer’s dialog box. Twenty-four round diamonds, at approximately .48 carat total weight shimmer throughout the lovely designs. In the interest of security, FedEx orders require a signature at delivery, will not be dropped off unattended. Simply push the post on your own stud earrings through the hole and instantly turn them into halo clusters for that special occasion. Items purchased in our showroom can be returned for an exchange or credit note within 30 days. We are happy to share this knowledge with you and ask that you call us on 0131 220 4252 during working hours if you have questions regarding any of the items on our site.
You are partially correct but while cut does refer to the shape it also refers to the proportions of how the diamond is actually cut. The colour scale for transparent diamonds runs from D-F (colourless), G-J (near colourless), K-L (faint yellow) to Z (light yellow). Tiny surface blemishes or internal inclusions, even those seen only under magnification with a jeweller’s loupe, can alter the brilliance of the diamond and thus affect its value. These certificates are prepared by diamond grading laboratories of international renown such as GIA, HRD, IGI and EGL.
All diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict in compliance with United Nations’ resolutions and the Kimberly Process. Alternatively, order your FREE Multisizer Ring Gauge by emailing us, including your full name, postal address, or by phone on + 44 131 220 4252 (Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm). Please do not assume for example that your wedding finger (left hand) is the same as your dress ring finger (right hand).
Award winning gemmologist Stephen Turner and diamond specialist Gaynor Turner share a vision to provide high quality but affordable precious jewellery. If you would like to get a custom quote for this design please contact one of our friendly diamond consultants at 1-877-612-6770. Simply place the post of your solitaire earrings through the center of the earring jacket to create a stunning combination. We will also inspect, clean, polish and maintain your jewelry for free for as long as you own it. We do not offer refunds for items purchased in our showroom.Read Our Full Returns & Exchange Policy Macintyres is an Exclusive Membership Club. Our diamond specialists will show you our entire range of diamond rings and discuss any specific requirements you may have.

We hope the following information will help you understand the characteristics that affect the value of a diamond. Diamonds are cut into many different shapes, reflecting not only popular taste but the proportions and quality of the rough diamond. Clarity levels begin with flawless (F&IF) and go down to Very Very Slight (VVS1 &VVS2), Very Slight (VS1 & VS2), Slightly Included (SI1 7 SI2) and Included (I1 & I2 & I3).
These labs will also confirm that the diamonds are natural and have not been treated in any way. If you know what finger size you require, please select it from the drop down list before clicking on the Buy Now button.  If the ring is a gift or you are unsure of the finger size, we recommend that you purchase it in the stock size available, selecting Not Sure from the list of size options. Most can be adjusted to fit a UK finger size range of "K" to "O" and will supplied at the prices stated.
With an emphasis on staff education, an aversion to compromise and meticulous attention to detail they created Macintyres and have grown it over the past 21 years to become the largest jewellery showroom in Scotland .
Our mission is to bring you high quality jewellery, watches, the latest brands and gifts at approximately half the high street price.
The most popular diamond cuts include Round, Oval, Square, Princess, Emerald, Baguette and Marquise. When diamonds are formed with traces of other minerals, rare and beautiful colours can result. This website is a tiny taste of the vast array of beautiful quality jewellery that Macintyres offers. We have Scotland’s largest jewellery showroom with thousands of dazzling items, from simple silver earrings to the most gorgeous engagement rings. These “fancy” colours range from blue to brilliant red, brown, pale green, pink and violet.
A diamond’s overall proportions as well as the size and placement of its many reflective surfaces or facets, also play a large part in “cut”.
Diamonds of equal weight may appear slightly different in size, depending on their depth and proportions.
The consistency and balance of these can greatly affect how the stone captures light and reflects it back to the eye.

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