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It’s all very DIY, very slumber-party-activity-ready, and that is, as Borgo notes, precisely the point. Not all of it, though: Borgo’s trademark pyramids are here, too, dangling from gold- and silver-plated chokers and thin chains and referenced in wind-chime-like silhouette (there are, as well, a pair of customizable mobiles intended as home decor, though the Coachella-bound Borgo-ite could, in a pinch, attach one to a body chain or a knapsack).

Stud and bar earrings come in jumbled packs of six for easy and intentional mismatching, (“We’re encouraging her if she has multiple piercings to wear the earrings all in combination together, to mix her metals together,” says Borgo) while thick, silicon-coated rubber bands worn on the wrists and punched through with various studs—inspired, Borgo notes, by a style he had created with much success for a children’s event organized by Andrew Bolton related to the punk-themed Met Gala of 2013. In the 2015 take on sending Levi’s a Polaroid of your embroidered denim, customers will be able to share their creations on Target’s online platform and across various forms of social media.

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