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If youa€™ve dreamed of learning a new language and starting up a conversation with interesting and foreign people from across the globe, then you will love this new translator earpiece from Waverly Labs.
Star Trek Beyond recently received a new trailer which means that more and more information about the upcoming movie keeps coming in.
Having an active awareness of the trends that are happening in the global environment is a pretty vital part of being able to successfully navigate a company in a world which is experiencing increasingly rapid amounts of change. So as a CEO of a company you would think that having at least an awareness of what is happening in the contextual environment would be an important element of their business intelligence suite of skills. Vetkoek with Lamb is the perfect partner for a bowl of steaming hot soup and with winter knocking at our doors, I can think of no better way to announce the arrival of my favorite season! Apart from my passport, wallet, laptop and hard drives (these latter two items slide into a cover inside my carry-on trolley) the items above are my essentials and I pack them into aA handbag with long straps to have within easy access on the flight.

What used to be, if the travel guidebooks are anything to go by, a hasty trip across the Brooklyn Bridge for the iconic view of Manhattana€™s cityscape, has become a dedicated culinary pilgrimage for many travellers. If ita€™s pierogi a€“ the eponymous Polish dough pockets stuffed with everything from cabbage to duck, or saucy stewed pork knuckles and cold slugs of vodka that youa€™re after, youa€™ll find plenty across Poland.
Travelling along Bree Street and meeting the locals who are bringing the street back to being a€?The place to bea€™. Crammed at the portside since the colonial days, with seedy dive bars and brothels frequented by sailors, and a mere hundred meters from the sea at the time, Bree Street in Cape Town, is back en vogue.
The ez-Release earring remover ergonomical design allows for simple single handed use by the earring wearer or by another person with a helping hand. The ez-Release earring remover allows the earring post to be pushed out of the earring back without applying any pressure to the ear lobe.

The earring and earring back should be free with respect to the surrounding skin. ez-Release is patent pending. Yes, I know Mrs Balls Chutney is your favorite, but be adventurous and travel the worlda€¦a€¦.
I add and subtract according to theA duration of the flight and the destination Ia€™m headed to. We explore the splendour of nearby Poland, still shedding the cloak of communism and forging a new identity.

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