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I came up with this for a present to give to one of my younger cousins who is getting her ears pierced for her birthday.
Options include superior-quality earring posts and best sellers: Precious metal earring posts include sterling silver and 14kt gold (both hypoallergenic options), plus silver fill and gold fill. I used a small wooden ornament tree and glued it to a wooden base I got at the craft store (I painted it white).

Base metal earring posts include titanium, stainless steel, and vintage gold plated styles. Drop-loop earring posts are perfect for making dangle earrings, tassel earrings, and duster earrings. To place the leaves, I ran the little branches through the wire a few times and then put glue on top of the leaf where the branch was to hold them together.

I might add a little bird to the bottom and I need to go get some earring to put on there; maybe a necklace too.

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