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Tags: acrylic, engraved, geekery jewelry, hip hop jewelry, inspiring jewelry, Star Wars Stud Earrings. This stunning sterling silver studs earring is set with 3mm square shape (princess cut) white CZ (cubic zircon) stone and supported by butterfly backs.
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Soft and ultra light, these small little stoppers will ensure that your earring stay put without adding to the weight and will not be seen at the back.

This list is for a set of 6 ear studs: 1 snowflake, 1 sunshine, 1 rain drop, 1 umbrella, 1 lightning, and 1 cloud. It carefully protects items during the shipping and is perfect for gift giving or keeping for yourself. This charge will be in addition to any shipping charges that may be applicable for your order. A slight concave shape in the stud base helps in holding your bead in place with more ease.

These earring studs or earring posts have a hollow half ball with a closed loop at the bottom.

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