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Among various piercing trends on the ear, double ear piercing is very popular among celebrities, especially female celebrities. Many female celebrities have been caught sporting nice ear piercings, and double piercing seems to be the most popular among ear piercing ideas recently. The style has been quickly adapted by their fans that adopted their ear piercing styles and combined the accessories with glamorous, elegant styles as what the celebrities show. Double ear piercing used by many female celebrities are usually the ones that look very elegant and not so outrageous, yet still show unusual, edgy look that regular earlobe piercing does not have.
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1) Navel– There are many variations of the navel piercing, some people pierce their navel in several spots. 3) Tongue– Another popular piercing that dates back many centuries, the tongue piercing can be done many different ways. 5) Helix– When it comes to an ear piercing the most popular form of body modification is piercing the cartilage. It doesn’t matter if you have piercings or not, using non piercing body jewelry can be useful to everyone. The practice of piercing the nose has been popular amongst people of various cultures and backgrounds for many centuries. When you are shopping for body jewelry you may run across a few tools and pliers and may wonder what they are used for. Ring opening pliers: the ring opening pliers are commonly used for opening captive bead rings and segment rings as well. Dermal anchor forceps grips: Dermal tops can be small and hard to work with so the dermal anchor Kelly grip forceps body piercing tool is a great tool to use when you are changing your dermal tops. Forester non-slotted forceps with ratchet: This tool is most commonly used on tongue piercings as well as lip piercings. Septum Forceps: The septum forceps are pretty self explanatory, this tool is used to help keep the septum piercing straight while it is being performed.
Dermal Punch: The dermal punch tool is an alternative to the needle, the dermal punch is more precise and a much quicker process. The captive bead ring is the most versatile piece of body jewelry aside from the curved barbell. When it comes to body modification you can stretch almost any piercing with the proper materials.
Stretching any piercing takes time and a lot of patience so before you decide to stretch your ears make sure that you can commit to the new venture of body modification.
Caring for your stretched cartilage- you should always keep the piercing clean, it should be done twice a day along with a warm water sea salt soak. Ceramic Flower necklace-colorful ceramics bangle-Amulet Locket Cases-glass Perfume bottle-glass spray perfume bottle-Pendant blanks-fashion jewerly-Handmade Necklaces with Tribal Horn Pendants-Aroma jewelry vial-Cross Aroma Locket-Fragrance pendant vial-Crystal Vial Pendant-Crystal Perfume Necklace-gemstone jewelry-Blue and white ceramic necklace-whoelsale Perfume bottle ?¬Perfume atomizer-fragrance lockets-Essential Oil Necklaces-Tattoo Designs-perfume bottles-charm bracelet-Perfume bottle-Perfume pendant vial-diamond tungsten ring-glass bottles-hand braided ceramic Necklace-perfume spray-DIY Photo rings-tattoo arts-Ring Blanks-handmade bracelet-Write On Rice-Glass Globe Earrings?¬glass globe necklace-colorful ceramics bangle-bracelet watch bangle-Body Jewelry-Crystal Perfume Necklace-Display Case-photo lockets-Fragrance jewelry vial. Even young actresses such as Emma Watson, Hayden Panettiere and Miley Cyrus have started to use double ear piercing that is not limited to regular earring holes. Combining elegant and glamorous style with ear piercings other than earlobe type (the most common one) shows unique style combination that will look great at every occasion. They can be in combined styles, such as earlobe and helix piercings, or two jewelry items on one spot like multiple helix piercings. Teenagers feel as if they should be able to do what they want with their bodies, but parents have the final say when it comes to their children modifying their appearances. Body piercing and tattooing is truly an art and we love to see new piercings and variations of the average piercing.
This is a surface piercing that we often see, but the down side about this piercing is that it has a high chance of rejection due to the constant moving of the neck this piercing isn’t a long term piercing, but it is cute while it lasts. This piercing is a traditional tribal piercing and it gets its nickname from the placement of the piercing and when it is worn with spiked ends it resembles a rhinoceros. Piercing the web of your fingers is becoming more and more popular even though this is a short term piercing because your hands are constantly used the piercing can get caught on countless amount of things.

For those who have multiple piercings and want to change up their look a bit from the plain ear stud, or hoop ring why not put on an ear lace earring to add some variety to your style. This may not be so true, ear cuffs are a great way to give the look of cartilage piercing without being pierced.
Some pierce the tongue web, other have the standard tongue piercing, or a double tongue ring. When you are thinking about what your next piercing will be if you do not have one of these piercings done, you should consider it! You may be thinking about a new piercing and do not want to make the commitment to a new piercing or you just may be to young to get a piercing, that is where non piercing body jewelry.
The nose can be pierced in many different ways, but two of the most popular ways in the United States is the piercing of the nostril and septum.When it comes to doing something different with your piercings you should think about trying a nose chain. Instead of changing your rings all the time why not add a nipple chain to your body jewelry collection.
The piercing tools don’t just stop at the body piercing but they can be used while you have your jewelry in. This tool helps keep the piercings straight and guide the piercer as the needle goes through the skin. The cartilage is a firm structural support for the ear and nose and unlike other skin it does not have much of a blood supply and this can make the healing of the cartilage very slow. Scent Vials-glass globe bottle-tatoo set-Ceramic pendant necklace-Promotion vintage china bracelet Blue and white porcelain design ceramic beaded bracelet-fashion skull finger rings jewellery-jewelry-perfume atomizer-Murano Glass Pendants earring sets-Perfume Lockets-Vials-Art Of Rice-Glass Globe Bottle Rings-refillable perfume bottle-Lampwork glass necklace sets-Pendant blanks-Resin Flower-rice jewelry vials-Planter-essential oil bottle pendants-murano glass pendant-Essential Oil Bottle Necklace-Scent Bottle-empty perfume bottles-Resin Flower beads-Fragrance pendant vial-Perfume vial pendants-Photo ring making-nail art kit-Mini Travel atomizer-Prayer Lockets-tanzanite diamond-Designed Plastic Nail Tips box-Containers-Happy Memories-glass spray perfume bottle-Vampire vials-perfume bottle with roll on-Ring Blanks-glass globe rings-Magnifying Photo Bubbles-Lip Ear Bone Bar Stud Chin Tongue Ring-Lampwork jewelry set-Image Box lockets-Magnifying Photo Bubbles-cellphone charm-Jewelry necklace murano earring set-Capsules-Photo Box Lockets-Perfume Atomizer Sprayer Spray Bottles Transparent Small Empty Spray Bottle-Lampwork jewelry set-Vials-murano glass jewelry ?¬murano glass necklaces-murano glass necklace-turquoise ring jewellery-pendant trays-glass globe bottle-Pendant blanks-Belt Dress Buckle For Men All-match Waistband-Fragrance jewelry vial. Double ear piercings can be on different spots, but they can also be on the same spots yet using more than one jewelry items or hooks. They use various styles of ear piercing from helix to anti helix, from scaffold to earlobe piercing and even the hugely painful conch piercing.
Celebrity ear piercing becomes such as huge trend, and you can try it too; combining glamorous, elegant and feminine look, such as dressy outfits and bun hair, with edgy double ear piercings.
Many laws have been put in place to protect the rights of the parents and also to keep young children safe.
If you are one for pain and are looking to do something different on your body modification journey, try out a rhino piercing. The most common problem with this piercing is rejection due to the constant use of the hands. The awesome thing about ear chains and ear lace you don’t need to have multiple piercings to wear them. Ear cuffs can give the illusion of several piercings.  The ear cuff has been an extremely popular summer fashion trend. Body piercing now is typically done for self expression, fashion, and trends rather than cultural and spiritual beliefs as they were in the past.
There are many variations of a nose piercing like a septum ring, or rhino piercing but over all the variations the nostril is the most popular of them all.
Piercing the ears has been around for many years as well cartilage piercings are popular amongst people of all ages. Whether you want the look of a nice dermal, a set of snake bites, or a septum you can pull it off with faux body jewelry. Adding the nose chain to your nose ring is a beautiful accessory that connects from your nostril piercing or septum piercing to the ear lobe.
A great midsection accessory is a belly chain, and the wonderful thing about belly chains is that you don’t need a belly button ring to wear one.
The many different ways that you can wear a nipple chain are almost endless, you can get creative.
There are tools for dermal anchors to assist in changing the dermal tops as well as tools to help you open and close segment rings and captive bead rings. The CBR can be used for the belly button ring, cartilage, tragus, nipple rings, lips, septum, surface piercings like the corset piercing and much more. When you do stretch your cartilage you must make sure that you do it slowly you should really talk to a professional piercer before stretching your own cartilage. It is not recommended to use Vaseline or petroleum jelly products as they can harbor bacteria and germs and cause infection to the piercings. They make great ear accessories without losing feminine and elegant aspects of a woman’s appearance.
The nostril piercing dates back to the bible and has been worn across the globe for centuries.

No matter how you look at it piercing the tongue is a hot commodity for people of all ages, both men and women have tongue piercings.
The helix piercing is not a gender specific piercing both men and women have this piercing. Non-piercing body jewelry is very popular amongst people of all ages and especially amongst young teenagers that aren’t able to get piercings at all.
The nose chain is not only used for beauty and self expression but it also has a strong cultural significance amongst Indian women. Your nipple chain can even be worn as your necklace and people wouldn’t even suspect that the chain is connected to your nipples. The captive bead ring consists of two parts; the ring has a small opening that comes with a ball with grooves that fits right on to the ring. Stretching the tragus, helix, rook and much more, but when it comes to stretching your cartilage it is very different from stretching any other piercing. You also have to know that the thicker your cartilage the longer it will take for each stretch to heal. The time it takes for cartilage to heal so that you can go up in size can vary depending on the thickness of the cartilage. So young children dont think of it as a punishment but perhaps looking out for your best interest.
Most ear chains are made with a cuff for those who don’t have a cartilage piercing and you can find other style with an earring attached for a helix piercing.
Well we all know that there is a commitment after a piercing to take care of it and a cartilage piercing can take a while. You can catch man celebrities with belly button rings like Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, and Brittany Spears just to name a few.
You can change your look practically everyday with a new  body piercing, from stretched ears to a fake belly button ring you can get adventurous.
Another great benefit of nose chains is that you do not need a nose piercing to wear it, nose chains are available with non-piercing jewelry so that you can have the beauty of a nose chain without the commitment of a piercing.
There is also a non piercing option for nipple chains, where the ends have spring hoops instead of captive bead rings for piercings.
The captive bead ring comes in several different materials it can be found in surgical steel, solid gold, titanium and acrylic too. It is also very important not to rush the stretching process to avoid any “blowouts” or having your ear rip or tear. Scent Vials-Ceramic beaded necklace-Jewelry alloy bangle bracelet watch-tanzanite diamond-Mask Rings Jewellery-Belt Dress Buckle For Men All-match Waistband-Photo rings-leather cord tribal feather pendant necklace-Jewelry necklace murano earring set-Thin Skinny Girdle For Lady Woman-Fragrance jewelry vial. In many states it is illegal to piercer a minor with out the consent of a parent or guardian of that child. So next time before you think you need to have a body piercing to rock a nose ring or belly ring think again and shop our collection of non piercing body jewelry today. Whether you have your nipples pierced or not a nipple chain is a must have body jewelry accessory. The most commonly used tools in body piercing and changing the jewelry are: ring opening pliers, dermal anchor grip forceps, non-slotted forceps with ratchet, septum tube forceps, and the dermal punch.
There are a few states that do not have any laws regulating piercing or tattoo ages, but it most states it is illegal to get a piercing or tattoo without parental consent. Whether your preference is silver or gold belly chains are available in different colors, sizes and designs.
There are many different materials and variations of the ear cuff check out some styles with chains and connect your ear cuff to your lobe piercing. Well thats just the alternative find non piercing body jewelry and you can have the look of almost any piercing. If you want a belly ring one day, or septum the next our collection on non piercing jewelry is great for minors and for those who do not want to commit to a body piercing.
So don’t get down and out about not being old enough to get a piercing and rock a non-piercing piece of jewelry in the spot that you want your piercing.

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