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Notched hoops, filigree hoops, clip earring blanks, pierced earring backs, cameo earring blanks, rubber safety sleeves, and fish hook ear wires. Large variety of pearl beads for your craft project ncluding pearl drops, oat pearls (also known as wheat or rice pearls), ivory colored round pearls, AB pearl beads, and small half pearl beads and more. Choose from flat back angels, cherub angels, angel ornaments, sinamay angels, abaca angels, angels playing musical instruments and many others.

So far I have not been able to duplicate, exactly, any of the designs I have made in this style. I used 6ga copper round wire for the base, and then wrapped it with dead-soft sterling silver wire in finer gauges. IN this video, we show you a variation to create a thicker Aries by wire-wrapping technique.

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