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Making handcrafted wire and beaded jewelry is a relaxing hobby that can bring you enjoyment and profit.
When the first loop has been finished, slide the next bead threaded on the wire against the first loop. The round-nose pliers are placed on the main wire next to the bead, but with a gap equal to two widths of the wire. This will make it possible to wrap the wire twice between the bead and the round-nose pliers. When the second wrapping is complete, the wire is trimmed as close as possible to the main wire.
This is the same as Step 2, except that the last loop of the previous bead has to be within the new loop being formed. Artfully bent wire in combination with crystals and gemstones can produce attractive jewelry pieces.

Some of the basic techniques include twisting the wire, wrapping a wire bundle, crimping or flattening the wrap, scrolling, and shaping. Learn how to use wire to connect components, other wire sections, beads, and much more with this very versatile wire wrapping technique.
Single Strand, Multi-Strand, Hand-Knotted Silk Thread, Hand Wire-Wrapped, and Strung Gemstone Necklaces and Bracelets.You'll look great!!!
Fabulous Wire Wrap jewelry by California artist Richard Gordon, featuring lapis, labradorite, azurite, rainbow moonstone, amber and more.
Techniques for making jewelry with jewelry wire and beads including techniques for using our WigJig jewelry making tools page 1.
Topical List of Jewelry Making Articles & InformationMore Jewelry Making Stuff - Jewelry MakingMisc. Since its birth in 1999, by domestic in-house workshop, skilled craftsmanship and technology devoted to "making things stuck', A high quality backed by the technical expertise achieved silver accessories.

Swarovski Crystal Pearl, natural black spinel, natural turquoise and natural Garnet's stone pieces.
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K14GF (14 k gold field) and the core to reach even in normal use wear, unlike plated 14 k plate and core parts (brass) crimp so is very rare. With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide.
You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week.

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