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Katherine Hart Walton, the first daughter of Gerald and Julie Walton, was born in Oxford on March 29, 1962.
Brent Shelton Hudspeth was born in Memphis, the third son of Joi??seph MacDonald Hudspeth and Martha Shelton Hudspeth, on January 7, 1958. A A A  He attended the University of Mississippi and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1980, a Bachelor of Science in Journalism in 1981, and a Master of Business Administration in 1983.A  He was the manager of Plaza Shoes in Oxford from 1978 to 1982 and was director of advertising sales for Cable Advertising of the Mid-South, a Tupelo, Mississippi, based cable television advertising provider in 1983.
Gerald Walton Hudspeth, son of Brent and Katherine Hudspeth, was born in Atlanta on April 6, 1999.
Dorothy Virginia Hudspeth, daughter of Brent and Katherine Hudspeth, was born in Atlanta on March 16, 2001.
Dorothy Elizabeth Walton, the second child of Julie and Gerald Walton, was born at Oxford, Mississippi, on June 10, 1965. She married John Frederick Laurenzo from Oxford in December of 1986 and moved to Nashville, where John was in medical school at Vanderbilt University. They then moved to the University of Iowa, where John completed his residency in otolaryngology. They moved from Iowa City to Memphis, where John practiced otolaryngology with group of physicians.
She has chaired several committees at the Oxford-University United Methodist Church and volunteers for a number of community organizations. He graduated from the Universii??ty of the South in 1985, with a BS in Physics; he was a member of the baseball team there.
Julie Katherine Laurenzo, daughter of John and Dorothy Laurenzo, was born in Oxford on May 11, 1996.
Anna attended summer school at Choate in Wallingford, Connecticut,i?? in 2012 and entered the tenth grade at Oxford High School in fall 2012. Margaret Stevens Walton, the third child of Gerald and Julie Walton, was born in Oxford, Mississippi, on May 8, 1969.
Margaret worked at Square Books, a local bookstore, and later in the Department of Art at the University of Mississippi while taking a Master of Arts degree with a major in art history.
Margaret married Leo Seicshnaydre of Gulfport in March 2002 and worked as a writer for NASA at Stennis Space Center in Bay St. He then attended the University of Mississippi and received a bachelor of business degree in 2001 with a major in management information systems. Lee-Lee attended nursery school and kindergarten at the Willie Price University Nursery School at the University of Mississippi.
Lee-Lee likes to read, do arts and crafts, keep a journal named Suzy, play with dogs and cats and her sister and friends, swim, play games, and visit her gi??randparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Lucy Seicshnaydre was born to Leo and Margaret Seicshnaydre on December 7, 2005, in Oxford, Mississippi. Brent Shelton Hudspeth was born in Memphis, the third son of Joseph MacDonald Hudspeth and Martha Shelton Hudspeth, on January 7, 1958. Two years later, Brent returned to the University of Mississippi, where he was awarded a Juris Doctorate in 1989, at which time he also met Katherine Walton.A  Upon graduation from law school, he was associated with the law firm of King and Ballow in Nashville, where he practiced labor and employment law. He graduated from the University of the South in 1985, with a BS in Physics; he was a member of the baseball team there.
Anna Margaret Laurenzo, daughter of John and Dorothy Laurenzo, was born in Oxford on September 29, 1997, in the same hospital where her mother was born. A A A  Anna attended summer school at Choate in Wallingford, Connecticut, in 2012 and entered the tenth grade at Oxford High School in fall 2012. Lee-Lee likes to read, do arts and crafts, keep a journal named Suzy, play with dogs and cats and her sister and friends, swim, play games, and visit her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Katherine married Brent Hudspeth of Oxford in May of 1995, and they have two children, whom Katherine homeschools.
He then served as the manager of the Jackson, Mississippi branch of Hooper Holmes, Incorporated, a commercial reporting company.
A year later, they moved to Atlanta, where Brent returned to his position with the Federal Labor Relations Authority. She attended the University of the South (Sewanee) for two years and then attended the University of Mississippi, where she graduated, with a major in history, in December, 1986. He was born in Iowa City, Iowa, in the hospital where his Grandmother Walton was born in 1939.
She has always loved i??trying new things (but not necessarily sticking with them), and has played soccer, softball, basketball, and tennis and has been on the swim team.A  i??She has taken piano and cello lessons, and she loves to bake.
In August, 2005, after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home, Leo and Margaret and their daughter, then 16 months, relocated to Oxford, where their second daughter was born.
He is the fourth child of Leo Vincent Seicshnaydre, Jr., and Judith Ann Wood Seicshnaydre of Gulfport. After they married in 2002, Leo worked at Hancock Bank in Gulfport and later as a software engineer for School-Link Technologies in Biloxi, where he continued to work for several months after moving to Oxford.
In 2010-2011 Lee-Leea€™s mother and one of her friends homeschooled Lee-Lee and two of her friends.
She has always loved trying new things (but not necessarily sticking with them), and has played soccer, softball, basketball, and tennis and has been on the swim team.A  She has taken piano and cello lessons, and she loves to bake.
So if you are a converted Christian who seeks to know how to better reflect the Lord in these last days, please keep your mind open as we reason together from the Scriptures. But then it continues to flow and seep into every area of the life, producing obvious external changes.
There will often be changes in what appears on the table during dinner and on the television after supper. Through the Holy Spirit we become His representatives-to reflect His image in everything from the way we talk and work to the way we eat and dress. Those opposed to Christianity rejoiced, mocking the immorality and hypocrisy exhibited in the lives of these men and their wives who professed to speak for Jesus. God made all of the gold, silver, and precious jewels in the world, and He intended for them to have a practical use. When shoppers went to the market to buy an expensive item, they would simply pull off one of their rings or bracelets to pay. These genuine seekers of God entered the sanctuary hoping to find a church home, but instead they found extravagance with which they could not compete.
These individuals have been thrilled to worship where they don't feel that they're looked down on if they don't wear the latest fashions. The Scriptures simply record a faithful history of God's people-including all their failures.
He replaced the prodigal's rags with a comfortable and clean robe and put shoes on his bare feet.
Even though I might be able to drink moderately, I do not want my bad example to cause another person's downfall-especially for something so unnecessary as intoxicating beverages. We have all seen people who cover themselves with gold and precious jewels-gem-aholics, if you will.

If I really love my brother, why would I insist on taking that risk for something so frivolous and unnecessary as jewelry? I know that on the judgment day, God will not condemn anyone for not wearing enough jewelry. Adam and Eve never would have dreamed of hanging gold or silver on their bodies to accent their fig leaves!
Filled with pride, he decided he was beautiful enough to have God's place on the throne of the universe. Some display gems on their bodies that, if sold, could build an entire church in the mission field. I fear that if we were to pass the plate today in the churches of those who profess to follow God's Word, we would have enough jewelry to make a whole golden buffalo! It was not because He approved of these practices, but because His people had bigger problems to deal with at that point in time.
It fell on the tenth day of the seventh month in the Jewish year and was a solemn day on which the Lord would sanctify and judge the children of Israel.
To try to improve human appearance by poking holes in the ears or nose from which to dangle lifeless minerals would be like trying to improve on the perfect beauty of Solomon's temple by releasing a street gang in the marble courtyard and telling them to express themselves with spray paint. They represent the two great religious powers that are in conflict throughout church history. God's Word tells us to let our inner light (not our external jewels) shine so that others might see our works (not our wealth) and glorify God (not ourselves). Cardinal John Henry Newman points out that the wedding ring, along with many other pagan customs, infiltrated Christianity through the compromising influence of his church.
But if sincere seekers of God's will study this topic and are convicted to remove all jewelry, God will give them the grace to follow Him above tradition. Personally, I cannot picture my Jesus drilling holes in His ears, nose, or anywhere else in order to hang glittering minerals from His extremities.
But if I had to pick two of the best, it would be these -- love for God, and love for our neighbors. She attended the University of Mississippi and received a Master of Science in geology in 1987.
He has since been promoted to Senior Attorney.A  He is an active volunteer (he was much involved Hurricane Katrina relief efforts) in their church in Decatur, Georgia, particularly in the drama department.
She married Danny Bulian of Oxford in 1993, and the two owned and operated Lafayettea€™s Bar and Grill. In 2006 he began working as a software engineer for FNC, Inc., a mortgage software company based in Oxford. In 2009-2010 she attended the Willie Price Nursery School located on the campus of the University of Mississippi. She then began attending the public school in Oxford and began the third grade at Oxford Elementary in the fall of 2012. This upcoming sale holds true with an exciting potpourri to include fine art, silver, jewelry, antique furniture, lighting, antique guns, Oriental pieces, pottery, porcelains and glass. And James is crystal clear that a relationship rooted in Jesus will produce external evidence. During this tragic time, the secular media often made reference to their flamboyant dress and gaudy jewelry as proof that these professed Christians were not genuine. Since even small amounts of these minerals are so rare and valuable, long ago they began to be used as money. In heaven, gold is used for pavement, and diamonds are the stones that form the walls of its mansions! Obviously, as we've just seen, this parable is not an inspired comment on whether Christians should wear rings.
Out of money and destitute, the foolish prodigal later found himself flat broke, hungry, and poorly clad.
People are now piercing their flesh and wearing rings in their eyebrows, navels, tongues, and other places we can't mention in a Christian publication. Decorating our mortal bodies with glittering gems and minerals usually springs from pride and is diametrically opposed to the spirit and principles of Jesus.
In our sinful condition, we are no better able to resist the tendency to sinful pride than was Lucifer.
And all the people brake off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron.
Before we go there, God wants us to separate from the things of this world that will compromise our relationship with Him.
God's people have more money to spend on sharing the gospel and relieving the needs of suffering people. The example of Jesus in the Scriptures is consistently one of practical simplicity and modesty. The peeling paint, broken windows, and hungry yard dogs were an embarrassment to the entire community.
But whenever a person allows Jesus to take over the heart, a cleansing process begins immediately.
Is it too much for Him to ask us to lay aside our lifeless baubles and beads that we might better reflect His simple purity in this lost world? Brent is an attorney who works for the federal government, and Katherine currently works part-time as an audiologist. He enjoys swimming, playing video games, listening to music, spending time with his friends, reading, math and science, backpacking, and Boyscouts. She attended kindergarten at Bramlett Elementary School and began the first grade there in the fall of 2012. Of historical interest is a group of hand written Revolutionary War letters and a collection of 19th Master and Seaman contracts for New Bedford whaling vessels.It is always exciting and intriguing to see and hold actual pieces of history. The Scriptures plainly address the subject of a Christian's external appearance and adornment. But if the root is healthy, the plant will soon become visible and bear fruit above ground. In desperation he returned home, trusting in the goodness of his father to at least take him in as a servant.
And to the son who just wasted his riches, this father gave the signet ring-the family checkbook- with free access to his remaining fortune. Why would a Christian want to be a stumbling block for someone else and encourage this trend by wearing any jewelry? In this prophecy, the women (churches) were to be severely judged because of their pride, which is directly connected with external adornment.
When our physical bodies are changed at the second coming of Jesus, we will no longer be tempted to sin. God's money should not be spent for parading diamonds and gold or even cheap costume jewelry.

And in order for Jacob and his household to commune with God, they had to abandon all such influences. Taking up our cross and following Jesus is much more challenging than wearing a bumper sticker, tee shirt, or little golden cross as frivolous advertising. Then one day, after taking an extended trip, I drove back through town and was stunned by the dramatic change that had come over this infamous structure. Jesus will remove those things that distract from the Christian's inner beauty, and people will notice the outer improvement as well! Of historical interest coming up are six original hand written letters between Minuteman Captain Joshua Gray and his wife, Mary Gray (Yarmouthport, MA) during his absence fighting in the Revolutionary War. Since it is a sin to covet, why would you want to entice a brother or sister to covet your money by wearing it for all to see?
Judah hired a prostitute for a night, impregnated her, and later discovered she was his daughter-in-law (Genesis 38:12-26). The prodigal felt that he no longer deserved to be a son, since he had squandered half of his father's hard-earned savings. Others believe they are unattractive and hope to increase their perceived beauty by adorning themselves with beautiful gems. Yet even then the saved will remove their golden crowns in God's presence (Revelation 4:10, 11). All the jewelry will melt when Jesus comes, and I would prefer not to be wearing any when that happens!
Thus God ordered Jacob to make not a temporary removal of these articles, but a permanent burial.
And if God says we should not cut our bodies, what makes us think that piercing the ears is somehow permissible? No longer do men need to worry about whether the ring they give their wife or girlfriend is large enough or makes a big enough social statement.
The old, peeling paint had been stripped off, and a beautiful natural stain now covered the wood. How silly it must appear to heavenly beings when we dangle asphalt and bricks on our ears and wrap them around our fingers. We cannot assume that God condones such unsavory practices just because these incidents were mentioned in the Bible.
And women don't have to invest an ounce of emotional energy in comparing their jewelry with others.
Clean, new windows had replaced the broken ones, and all the junk and old vehicles were gone! Wouldn't you look twice if someone walked into your church next week wearing a black asphalt pendant and a matching tar ring?
Other passages of Scripture clearly tell us that God condemns alcohol, incest, prostitution, and jewelry as anti-productive to accomplishing His purposes for humanity. It is his plain dress that we should emulate, because we live during the prophetic Day of Atonement.
Instead, they had to settle for His most valuable piece of clothing -- a modest, seamless tunic (John 19:23, 24). There is mention of long marches to Boston and other military references, as well as personal reports of the childrens well being thankfulness for their blessings.
Rather than an ornament for display, signet rings were a tool for officiating documents and were usually worn on the index finger. Just as the entire camp of Israel was required to clean and change their clothes on Judgment Day, so are we who live in the judgment hour just before Jesus returns to earth called to purify our hearts and to separate ourselves from all pagan influences. Just look at her jewelry!") I'm sure everyone would agree that there is a point when enough is enough! These are the original letters which are reproduced in the Joshua Gray of Yarmouthport and His Descendents, compiled by Julia Edgar Thacher in 1914. Hathaway between May 1878 and January 1882 for the Bark Veronica out of the Port of New Bedford to the Western Islands and Madeira.
The document records seamens, signatures, physical appearance, age, birth place, wages, capacities, etc.
Built in 1878, the Bark Veronica last sailed in November and was lost off the coast of Madeira on December 16th, 1885. Master & Seamans Agreements, New Bedford ships late 19th cUp for bid also is a collection of eight Agreements between Master and Seamen for the whaling schooner The Lottie Beard out of New Bedford. Voyages lasted for 6 to 8 months time and included ports in Africa, the North and South Atlantic, St. Sangler , John Clinton Spencer and Fannie Eliza Duvall, as well as, a finely executed signed French still life with a basket of plums. Hardwick painting, Fall River artist Pauline Coylar and two watercolors by 19th century Dutch artists Louis Van Staaten and Francis William Van Vreeland 1902 Rookwood Pottery artist). Five Roger Etienne oils, an early 19th Chinese School oil painting, Old master style Madonna oil by E Bianchini (Ital.
Also of interest is a Russian bronze sculpture, Crawling Soldier by Eveni Alexandrovich Lansere (Lanceray), Russian (1848-1886). He died at age 38.A Eugeny Alexandrovich Lansere Russian guilded Bronze Figure"Crawling Soldier", 1848-1886.
Winslow, Wallace Grand Baroque, Manchester Gadroonette, Lunt English Shell, as well as, several miscellaneous flatware and hollowware lots. A fine Georg Jensen #141 salad set and other Danish and Norwegian pieces will be offered, as well as, an ornate Gorham Cherub bon bon spoon, Mexican sterling bowl and a large ornate. Other Chinese lots consist of an early Chinese School oil on canvas, a 19th century ornately carved dragon motif scholars paperweight or seal, a mid 19th c Japanese Imari bowl, 19th c Rose Medallion covered vegetable dishes, Chinese Export Celadon Melon jar and covered bowl.
Chinese Ming pottery glazed parrot and figure of Shou Lau (God of Immortality), three Seasons inlayed soapstone and hard stone panels and an early pair of monumental Chinese bronze Temple candlesticks (one with some loss). A documentationfrom the Cody Firearms Museum accompanies a custom made Winchester Model 21 skeet grade shotgun with inlayed gold monogram. Otis McIntyre.A Pair of cased Belgian Percussion Muff Traveling Pistols with concealed trigger marked "ELG" proof mark.
Other lots of note include an 18th century wooden moulding plane by I Nicholson of Wrentham, Massachusetts (the first plane maker in the country), a Buckingham Plymouth cranberry scoop, Salesman's Sample "Relief Wringer" with tub, cast iron Black Cat with glass eyes doorstop, Leica DRP Ernst Leitz Wetzlar camera, 19th century Russian lacquer paper mache, Arts & crafts wrought iron log holder, FolkArt rooster weathervane, cobalt blue decorated crocksand G Bonner German silvered plaque.
Please arrange your absentee and phone bid requests in advance with Kathryn (508) 269-9275.

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