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I purchased the original version of this fantastic product years ago and decided to give it to my daughter and purchase 2 of this revised version now called The Multi-Purpose Earring Angel and I absolutely love them!
STORAGE: Basically, it is best to put your longest earrings on the bottom and the smallest ones to fill in.
In 2006 I purchased the acrylic Earring Angel and filled it up, then I realized I had more earrings than I thought. Now years later I own several of their jewelry organizational products and have given dozens as gifts. The three small birds glued on the top of the frame are also painted & made of modeling clay. This wooden jewelry hanger comes with fine strong plastic mesh for hanging earrings & five wooden pegs at the bottom for hanging rings or necklaces. The frame's design is based on a background color & distressed paint on top while trying carefully to combine the right pattern with the right topcoat color.

It is perfect to hang in the bedroom or bathroom, its handy & always stays organized & also creates a beautiful wall decoration using your favorite pieces of jewelry.
This table top jewelry organizer, necklace rack and earring holder is a convenient, space saving, beautiful way to display your jewelry collection. There are 14 heavy duty well designed necklace hooks that are very well spaced and are staggered up-and-down, in-and-out making it very simple to see and choose what you want to wear. This jewelry tree design allows you to safely store 14-28+ necklaces (1 to 2 necklaces per hook, depending upon your own jewelry collection) keeping them all up & out of harm's way, beautifully displayed, seen at a glance & tangle free. Capacity: Beautifully displays 14 to 28 necklaces or more, depending upon your own jewelry collection style and size. Storage: The 7 upper tier hooks easily store necklaces up to *31" and the 7 lower tier hooks can hold bracelets or necklaces up to *27" long. There are a total of 14 heavy duty necklace hooks and a circular weighted steel base which also serves as an accessory tray, it measures 6".

If you think you need a larger Necklace Holder because you have so many necklaces, take inventory, and then purchase as many as you need.
We use tongue-and-groove joints at the corners of the frame and other quality woodworking techniques so you'll be able to enjoy using this earring holder for many, many years. The earring trees in the past were cute, but they weren't very easy to use when you had to reach around the back to reattach the earring backs. Picture Of Diy Cardboard Earrings Holder Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Long dangles, chandelier & hoop earrings go on the bottom row of round holes or the bottom row of keyholes.

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