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DID BEYONCE’S ELECTRIFYING SUPER BOWL PERFORMANCE INCLUDE HER FLASHING ILLUMINATI SIGN? Many on the World Wide Web of Conspiracy Theories were quick to notice a sign she made after performing on stage — one associated with the secret society known as The Illuminati!
Before the game, a couple of other of big voices got things going — with some help from some very special guests.
Meanwhile … TMZ is reporting more photos Bieber smoking marijuana are being peddled to media outlets. KIM KARDASHIAN SHOWS US HER PICS: KIM KARDASHIAN officially debuted her baby bump over the weekend.

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The photos reportedly show the pot star, err, I mean POP star, sharing a blunt with his rapper friend Lil Za. Radaronline posted a pic of Selena leaving Justin’s pad early Saturday morning after apparently spending Friday with him. Ricci has been wearing an engagement ring since October but hadn’t commented on it before this weekend.

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