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While this song in general is talking about how our sins most time are gradual and slowly take over our lives and the lives of our family (children) it also speaks to me of the diligence we need to have in guarding ourselves and our children from things that are not of God.
What we say, what we do and what we allow ourselves to participate in will eventually become our normal.  Our reality. Our reality will affect what we allow our children to hear, see and do which will become their normal.  Their reality.

Our children look to us for examples of how to behave, how to talk and how to treat others. I’m not perfect at this.  I lose my temper, I get agitated, and I even let a bad word fly from time to time. My prayer is that these behaviors become less and less and I try to quickly repent and apologize (something else I struggle with.) I want my son to see me not as being perfect but in trying every day to live my life as a pleasing sacrifice to the Lord.

The results of what we allow our children to experience, good or bad, may not be seen right away but they will have lasting, and sometimes eternal effects.

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