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The chihuahua I had as a kid was very cuddly and had these big, incredibly expressive eyes. My favorite part about chihuahuas is how they have this attitude that the world revolves around them, and that they are always the most important being in the room. I have a friend who rescues chihuahuas and the thing I think is hysterical about them is that they have NO idea that they are little, tiny dogs.
We have three chihuahuas (clockwise: Mister Fusspot, Esme, Mister Vimes), two long coat and a short coat.
When we go to bed, Esme usually gets under the covers and down around my wife's feet and snuggles, and Vimes gets between us under the covers, with his head touching her and his butt touching me. Gave it to my mother in law who renamed it, but to this day, when we go to her house, it's so I can visit the dog, not the MIL. Only C i have ever met that I liked, but man, if they were all like Wiggles, I'd have another. My chihuahua lived to the ripe old age of 17, and until her last 6 months, acted like a puppy.
She was a re-homed dog, and when I first took her home, she hated me (fear) and growled and snapped.
I have been owned by many dogs through the years, but the bulk of my shared anecdotes are of her.
He very meticulously makes complicated nests for himself out of throw pillows and blankets on the couch, and burrows under the covers in bed.
My stepmother has chihuahuas and my favorite thing about them is the fact that they love to burrow in her couch -- they've got a couch with lots of throw pillows, afghans, etc and a dog can jump in there and literally burrow in. One thing about owning a chihuahua is that what the chihuahua-lover finds adorable, other people find annoying. Guest Chihuahua is amazingly easy to keep clean, he can be bathed in the sink with room to spare, it only takes half a towel to dry him off. His size and stick-close-by temperament makes it easy to take him along on most outings as opposed to my own dog, whose size tends to limit the places he's welcome. I was the person home with him all day when he was a baby and I am still his primary person now.
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Not sure why you picked a chihuahua, but from my experience at least Chihuahuas don't mix well with kids.
She never got the memo about being a delicate lap dog and used to accompany us on all our childhood adventures in the woods etc.. I was eight when we got her and would not recommend mixing them with little kids who might not understand the need to be gentle.
If a leaf falls in the neighbor's yard down the street and around the corner, they hear it, and will often let you know about it. When we go out of town we have some friends come over to check on them, and from what they tell us the dogs will bark bark bark when they come in, but as soon as they sit down the dogs are in their laps before their butts hit the couch. Camping, raves, hikes, snow- she was born on a ranch, and was the kind of dog that would happily plop herself down in a cool puddle of horse muck on a hot day (UGH!) As people have noted, they are great watchdogs, something that is really appreciated by rural people, and like many animals from desert environments they are hypersensitive to changing situations (like Arabian horses, who were supposed to alert their riders to distant movement). Within the first week, she learned to walk with a harness and leash, go up and down stairs, walk on grass & play outside, and is dependably housebroken.
It's adorable and kind of makes me want a chihuahua and a big comfy couch.posted by Sara C.
From my perspective as a big dog (+70#s) owner on the practical aspects of having a Chihuahua. Because it is so easy to give him a bath, he gets bathed regularly and promptly and always smells of apricot shampoo (as opposed to my own dog where his size makes The Bath an afternoon-long ordeal that everyone avoids doing until he hits Peak Dog Stink). Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment. The other two might be under my chair or napping in the middle of the room, but they are always close. When we sit on the couch watching TV or reading, all three of them are up with us, either in someones lap or laying between us. We had a kid in the mean time and they are completely patient and understanding with him and his toddler ways. One is under the covers with me wedged under my back, the other is under the covers at my wife's feet. I think the thing about kids is that many are not socialized to not grab tiny cute dogs, and if you were a tiny cute dog and were suddenly grabbed, you might bite.
They love to be warm and will hang out any toasty place, like in from of the forced air vent.

She is, however, starting to show signs of wanting to be the boss around the house and advance her standing in the pack - growling at Himself, barking when he gets in to bed. Similarly, brushing out Guest Chihuahua goes so quickly and is so easy due his size and lack of undercoat that grooming him is fun and feels like throwback to styling one of those giant Barbie heads. Our house is very close to the sidewalk so barking starts when someone is actually on the porch. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. Gah, the noises she makes, little growls and plaintive queries to please, please help me get up onto the couch with you guys! If I get up to go to the bathroom or go to the kitchen to get something, all three of them follow me.
I've known many people with little kids and chihuahuas and the pups are quite good with the children. They really respond to how people behave toward them, in that people who treat them like cute things and don't train them tend to have untrained little dogs, and people who expect them to follow commands and train them have very obedient dogs. Mo has typical guard dog coloring (think doberman or rottweiler) but the light brown is actually brindle patterned. My sister has a boy chihuahua named Peanut and we always joke that they are soul mates; they are so cute together. She sleeps with us (usually me but she gets around) and does this burrowing thing, nosing her way under the covers so she's sure to have contact with a human through the night.
She follows me everywhere, and when I get home from work, she dances around excitedly because she knows we're about to lay in the bed and watch TV together.
And if I put my face close to her and make growling noises she would dramatically growl back until I made kissy faces. She's glued to me in bed, and she sleeps in between us, usually on her side with her head peaking out of the covers, like a human.

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