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Buy three items above,you will get a cat ears fluorescent color knitted hat for free,we will send the color randomly.
We use the Singapore or Hongkong airlines packet,it is more safe and fast than the other couriers.
As if the world needed more ways to show off Penn State Pride with all the T-shirts, hoodies, blankets, license frames and pasta (yes, this exists and it’s shaped like the Nittany Lions head and it’s blue!). To add to the Blue and White love, Skull Candy created NCAA College Series headphones for 7 colleges  and of course Penn State is representin’.
To end this year’s season, the Nittany Lions and the legendary JoePa are playing the Florida Gators at the Outback Bowl on January 1 at 1 PM on ABC, watch it! Baking dozens and dozens of delicious cookies (double chocolate with white chocolate chips, chocolate chip walnut and sugar cookies) with GREAT friends.

Melting Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake & Shake: Chocolate lava cake with a raspberry center, vanilla bourbon ice cream and an iced milk chocolate shot! The next KJL purchase will have to be this zebra necklace (I have an obsession with zebra anything).  I saw it on Gilt but was too late to purchase it, so sad.
The annual shopping extravaganza resulted in 17 hours of shopping with my partner in crime (fully equipped with a power nap and breakfast sandwich on an asiago bagel  [delicious]). Buy three items above,you will get a Stripe cat ears fluorescent color knitted hat for free,we will send the color randomly.
This season the Alumni Association sent me some, who knew, though I find them too precious to use, so I’ll be saving them for scrapbooking or something. It’s eyes are completely disproportionate to the rest of the monkey and somewhat creepy, but you can’t take your eyes off him (Yes, it’s a him)!

Just plug in your MP3 player or laptop to the ‘Headphonies’ butt and WA LA, MUSIC to your ears!
Your Swiss Miss fix will no longer suffice.  Their mocha latte is also the best I’ve ever had!

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