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TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, and TMJ, a problem associated with this joint, stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. The symptoms of TMJ disorder include jaw pain, spasming of the jaw, face, neck and shoulder muscles, bruxism, or the grinding of teeth, swallowing difficulties, watering eyes, headaches, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, clicking or popping in the jaw joint, jaw joint immobilisation, tooth pain, sensitivity or loss, depression, and what we are concerned with here – numbness.
When a bite is misaligned, the nerves and muscles in the vicinity of the jaw are adversely affected, and since these form a very complex structure, further symptoms, such as TMJ numbness, result.
If you find that you are experiencing numbness in your arms and hands, or one or more of the other symptoms of TMJ, you should consult a TMJ dentist to see if you are suffering from this disorder.
The most fundamental treatment for the numbness associated with TMJ problems consists of dealing with the root cause of the issue – the misaligned bite.
The pain and discomfort of TMJ disorder, which affects the temporomandibular joint that connects the jaw to the skull and afflicts millions of Americans, is impossible to ignore. Treating a sore jaw is a very big problem for many people, mainly because there are so many different causes for it. If you are suffering from ringing or buzzing in ears, also known as tinnitus, you are not alone. Tinnitus can be a result of various causes; however, in many cases theA the underlying cause of tinnitus is related to the mouth and jaw.
Headache and migraine sufferers no longer have to try to live with the debilitating pain that can affect their quality of life. Those plagued by chronic pain due to auto accidents often struggle with finding relief for their back and neck pain. We feel that staying on the cutting edge of dental technology is important to the care and treatment of our patients.
We also only use Digital radiography (x-ray) which reduce the patient's exposure to radiation as much as 90 percent over traditional X-rays. At Central Dental, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care using the latest technology. We understand that dentistry is much more than beautiful smiles – it’s important to overall health and well-being. As a patient of Central Dental, you can feel confident that you are entrusting your smile and oral health to some of the most skilled professionals in the dental industry. YOUR COMFORT IS PRIORITYWe understand that dental visits can be a source of apprehension for many people, and that is why we do our very best to make your experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

With four highly educated & experienced dentists, Central Dental offers you a wide selection of dental services. The temporomandibular joints are located on each side of the jaw, and the dysfunction of these joints can result in a lot of pain and discomfort for a patient. Even ordinary movements of the jaw, such as those involved in chewing, biting or swallowing, cause significant muscular strain in this area.
You need to consult a neuromuscular dentist or a dentist who specializes in the treatment of TMJ.
A sore jaw can be caused for a number of different reasons, with injury being the most common. A full functional jaw is very important if you wish to live a tension free life, because a painful jaw can severely limit your daily activities.
Wang and the team at BC Head Pain Institute are equipped the tools needed to determine a patient's reason for tinnitus.
To that end, we have outfitted our office with some of the latest devices offered in modern dentistry as well as multimedia for your entertainment needs. The x-ray images are immediately displayed on flat screens in each operatory and discussed with the patient.
We have flat screen televisions in every operatory with cable channels, and the ability to play your favorite DVD movies for you during your visit. Our talented doctors, along with their dedicated staff, have been making a difference in the lives of our patients for over 50 years! The comprehensive nature of our practice allows added convenience for our patients; which is all too important in today’s busy world!
We want our patients to be happy and healthy, and that means we want them to feel good about their dental visits.
TMJ refers to a set of troublesome symptoms that are also known as myofascial pain dysfunction (MPD) and craniomandibular dysfunction.
In addition to TMJ numbness, patients often experience a tingling sensation and pain in the fingers and arms.
He will carefully examine the patient’s jaw joint; assess its movements and linking with other parts of the face.

We have Apple Ipods loaded with a variety of music to help make your visit most pleasurable. Together we strive to help our patients achieve life-long oral health by providing a patient focused, team guided approach in a comfortable, friendly, and professional environment. In many cases, you may not experience any adverse effect, but if you do exhibit the symptoms, you are likely suffer a good deal. This leads to the pinching of the brachial plexis, the nerves that run down the arms and through the hands. According to what he or she finds, a misaligned bite can be corrected with specific, specialized treatments. A Tinnitus can hinder one's quality of life and could lead to feelings of frustration or depression. Wang will determine the most effective form of therapy based on the patient's symptoms and history. You can also call ahead and we can load any special requested music or obtain special DVD selections for your convenience.
Once the patient’s bite has been aligned properly, the jaw joints will function normally again, as far as movement and articulation with the nearby parts of the face are concerned.
Severe tooth pain also puts strain on the jaw, face, neck and shoulder muscles, which again can result in TMJ numbness.
This will relieve the strain on the muscles around the jaw, and the sensation of numbness will be alleviated as well.
Hill and the rest of the Central Dental team proudly work with the latest technology to provide you with highest quality dental care.

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