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The author was Joseph Mohr, a Roman Catholic priest living near Salzburg, who wrote Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht in 1816. American John Freeman Young is credited with translating the German composition to English in 1859. It's so popular that not only was it declared an intangible cultural heritage by Unesco in 2011, it also has its own fan club; the Silent Night Society. There are numerous English versions, which usually have just three verses corresponding to the original German verses 1, 6 and 2 (in that order). Yes, everyone in the town was probably asleep, except for the 'holy pair', Mary and Joseph.
Around the virgin mother and child; surrounding the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus is calm, yet bright.
For the next thirty years or so, Jesus walked about teaching, preaching, healing and guiding.

When Jesus was crucified, his departure from human form gave the opportunity for all mankind to enjoy spiritual salvation. The only way we can fully appreciate what this means is to have inward silence of the mind. In being silent, having inner silence, we can free ourselves from interference and enable real communication with God. In normal day-to-day activities, when there's everything but silence, we easily hide our sin from ourselves and forget it's there. In silence, we can acknowledge our sin, face it, and also see more clearly the love of God and his willingness to forgive. The US Census Bureau's Historical Estimates of World Population gives the world's population to have been between 170 million and 400 million at the time Jesus was born. His schoolteacher friend and fellow Austrian, Franz Xaver Gruber, wrote the accompanying music in 1818 and was the first to play it at a carol service on his guitar.

Tourist buses visit, giving people from around the world the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the hymn's birth-place. From that particular moment, from the very second that Jesus took his first breath of the cool Bethlehem night air, the world changed. The change he made was so great that people are still talking about it all over the world 2,000 years later!
This is not an original idea; Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and most other religions, monastic or otherwise, recognize the value of silent meditation in its various forms.

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