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Very Nice Design Bridal Style Ruby Emerald Necklace With Matching Long Earrings And Ring, Necklace Set Is Made With Silver and Studded With Excellent Quality Of Natural Rubies and Emeralds.Its Perfect For Gift To Someone Special As We Offer Shipment Service All Over TheWorld.
Inspired by the Ottomans these real Ruby, Emerald and Black Sapphire Earrings are made from darkened sterling silver to give a vintage appeal. This superb piece of Irish jewellery is individually handcrafted in Ireland using hallmark Gold. We hope you enjoy this beautiful piece and invite you to browse our many other Claddagh themed products. The designs, patterns and decorations of the Celts, refined and enhanced as they made their way across Europe, are a valuable legacy.

To be maintained only inside a plastic cover and please avoid velvet boxes or other similar boxes.
It is particularly associated with St Patrick's Day when people of Irish ancestry wear shamrock. Celtic designs, like the spirit of man, has endured the ages, offering us a beauty that is timeless and unique. The Celts were renowned for their love of precious metals, using it to creat ornate jewellery, religious icons and weapons of war.
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