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Roger Federer of Switzerland (R) and Novak Djokovic of Serbia pose with the trophies after Federer won in two sets to win the mens singles final at the Western & Southern Open at the Linder Family Tennis Center on August 23, 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 2015 US Open tournament is set to begin on August 31 with First Round matches and TV coverage will be on the ESPN family of networks, including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and WatchESPN online as the final tennis major of the year gets underway with Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray getting in action.
Williams comes in looking to make history and the actual tournament will start on Sunday with Arthur Ashe Kids Day, but the matches will begin on Monday morning on August 31. Tuesday coverage continues the first round on ESPN at 1 pm ET and the primetime coverage picks up at 7 pm ET and will stay with the channel. Saturday has more coverage for the third round and that is on ESPN2 starting at 11 am ET ad primetime coverage starts at 7 pm ET.
Serena Williams and Roger Federer won in Cincinnati ahead of the US Open and both players are looking to win another slam in a row.
Reynolds, ESPN vice president of event production, is the man behind the curtain in planning how the Grand Slam network brings the Open to your television.
There was a time when tuning in to ESPN's Grand Slam coverage could make tennis fans feel about as comfortable as the prospect of kick boxing a Kangaroo for 15 rounds while wearing ankle weights beneath the sweltering sun in Melbourne.
That was when ESPN's puzzling policy of presenting major matches on tape delay  created sleepless nights in many tennis fans forced to follow the bouncing ball on Internet screens as they tuned out of television coverage and turned on PC's to visit the official tournament web sites. Times have changed and in recent years whether the network is televising majors in  Melbourne, Paris, London or New York it has tried to place a premium on presenting the bouncing ball live across multiple platforms on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3.
While analyst Patrick McEnroe worked on his lap top in the back of the network's immense trailer that stands in the shadow of Arthur Ashe Stadium and serves as the lounge for the on-air talent and staff, Reynolds sat down with Tennis Now for this interview, which is the first in a two-part series presenting a behind-the-scene tour of how ESPN covers the Flushing Meadows major.
Tennis Now: Talking to you in Melbourne during the Australian Open you told me Tennis Australia is receptive to ESPN's request for match schedule time.
Jamie Reynolds: There's a significant difference and the difference is at Wimbledon and the French we co-exist.
Dave Nagle (ESPN spokesman): The only ratings we have is through the first three days so far we're up 1 percent but that's all I've got so far.
Jamie Reynolds: It's easy to try to look at the Roddick and Venus and Serena factor and that's easier story telling for us. Tennis Now: We've seen Spider cam up close and watched ESPN use it at the start and the conclusion of matches.
Tennis Now: Querrey was asked if he felt he should have been placed on Ashe at night just to get the experience of it. Jamie Reynolds: Not unlike what Court 18 became for us at Wimbledon, I think probably the Grandstand Court still tends to have these moments and epic five-setters. Jamie Reynolds: The fact on Friday night Serena came in and we had her on the set with Mike Tirico and she came on and interviewed Venus and that was great moment. The Tennis Channel will have coverage for "Breakfast at the Open" and on "US Open Tonight" after the live coverage from ESPN. Wednesday and Thursday has coverage split between ESPN and ESPN2 for the second round, while the third round comes on Friday and will start up at 1 pm ET on ESPN for the TV coverage. Williams has won the last four and is going for the calendar slam, while Federer won Wimbledon over Novak Djokovic and also beat him in Cincy. Is the USTA also responsive and does CBS get top priority because they're network and presumably pay quite a bit for rights fees or do you as ESPN televising the most hours of the Open get priority?
CBS, because of their unique windows, in the middle weekend and the finals, they've already got the best opportunities from 11 a.m.

Not implying you have a bad relationship with NBC, but viewers get pissed off when we get to Wimbledon and you've been providing live coverage and NBC goes to tape delay in later rounds. Meaning NBC bought a product, ESPN bought a product and we have off-setting hours — there is no interactivity. The reality is guys like Federer and Nadal and Kim Clijsters on the women's side there's enough traction and appreciation for their game that skill set is respected by tennis fans. Wozniacki is the sunshine girl so there are good stories and good personalities and they're great players. How do you want to use that going forward and are there any other cool technological tools in the pipeline you hope to use? So if it actually looks like it will hit somebody the sensors will kick in and that won't happen. The microphone is already down on the court so it won't give us anything we don't already have there. So then you've got to get a Polish translator, a Serbian translator, a Spanish translator, a French translator.
When you play the French Open, for instance, they play two men's matches (in that window on stadium court) whereas the US Open only plays one men's match. I like her a lot but honestly she can be pretty lame in her own press conference, but I thought she was very engaging and analytical in the booth. The first round will be on ESPN3 all day and coverage on TV will be on ESPN starting at 1 pm ET and will later pick up in primetime on ESPN2 starting at 6 pm ET. ESPN will have live coverage of the entire event from start to finish for the first time and they have gone all out with over 1,000 people working the event. The quarterfinals will be Tuesday, September 8 and on Wednesday, while the women's singles semis is on Thursday. Federer won 7-6 (7-1), 6-3 in the finals against Djokovic on Sunday in Cincinnati and that came after Federer won over Andy Murray in the semis.
You may have never heard Jamie Reynolds' name, but if you've been watching the US Open you've witnessed his work. It's also a question of how do we best take advantage of John's talents because this is the only major he works for ESPN. Is there a difference between ESPN working with CBS here and working with NBC at Roland Garros and Wimbledon? CBS is the host broadcaster and the domestic broadcast partner they provide all the services here so we share a lot of resources. Our goal is to get it in house this year and get the footprint so to speak and then try to use that going forward. That high geometric position everything has been covered since the start of the Open Era so now we're trying to give you more of that atmospheric viewing experience.
So what we're trying to do with the box mics is to be able to convey the enthusiasm or the disappointment to sort of run with the ambiance in the box of the moment.
The men's singles semis is on Friday at 3 pm ET and the finals will be on Saturday and Sunday for the women and men respectively. So you've got four teams that have similar agendas striving to do the best they can with the event but you've got event partner with the USTA and three network partners all trying to figure out how they can do the best they can with the assets available. The more difficult strategy is trying to figure out how the day plays out between ESPN and the Tennis Channel with matches starting at 11 a.m.

So the opportunity to put the McEnroe brothers together is special because that's something you can't do in Australia, Paris or Wimbledon. The dynamic is one of we're televising the same event but we, ESPN, have to rely on their technical infrastructure to get it done. It's great for the introduction, hand shakes and walk offs to give you that sense of perspective. So how do we share the technical resources, the operation staff and some of the talent to get it done so it works for everyone? From that perspective, it turned out to be a great asset because the referees know the flight patter and they know the driver so they feel comfortable with it.
There are a finite number of resources out here with five television courts so how do you help CBS, ESPN, Tennis Channel get the most out if it and that's access to the the athletes and covering the event.
At the end of the day, we still have to serve the rest of the country and keep the rest of the country involved. We know from the players' standpoint it's not a distraction and for those who do see it have seen it before.
Yeah, it's been okay but what you've got to remember is how many Americans are actually still in the singles field? You know what's special as a fan but you can't always articulate it and that's why McEnroe and Darren Cahill and so many of the analysts are so good because they can articulate it. AdemA?s cubriA? tests matches por Mar del Plata, San Juan y Chaco y fue el enviado al Sudamericano de Seven en Mar del Plata 2010. Because the USTA wants to do right by Tennis Channel but also have something left in the bank for the 1 o'clock start for ESPN. So we try to be very smart about how we set up for the 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock start and then how do we co-exist during the rest of the day. So when you look at the decision tree: it's CBS world feed domestic broadcaster and we have all access to facilities we have and then we rent out the technical facilities to Tennis Channel to help support them. There's some wisdom and logic of mixing it up and changing the flavor and some nights putting John and Chris Fowler together.
You allow everyone to do a Federer match or a Nadal match so that the story telling gets a little bit different. Y la expresiA?n sienta perfecto para el suizo, un jugador que ha evolucionado notablemente en las A?ltimas temporadas y se ha mezclado en la pelea grande. Dio cuenta de Donald Young por 6-4, 1-6, 6-3 y 6-4 y se clasificA? a cuartos de final del US Open.
No los nombran asA­ por lo que ha pasado en estos A?ltimos dos aA±os, sino por lo que ha sucedido en los A?ltimos diez.
En ese tiempo ellos lo han ganado todo", explicA? Wawrinka, el A?nico jugador que ha ganado un par de Major por fuera de dicho selecto grupo desde 2005. En su segundo octavos en el US Open (el anterior en 2011), intentaba alcanzar cuartos de final de Grand Slam por primera vez en su carrera.

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