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This simply stunning and sparkling original Art Deco bracelet from the mid-1920′s is composed of four repeating diamond set sections designed around a central old cut marquise diamond and include two baguette and numerous round diamonds. Fabricated in platinum over 18K yellow gold, this particularly wonderful French made bracelet from the first decades of the 20th century possesses all the elements of romanticism and femininity which characterizes the Edwardian design period. The central round brilliant cut diamond bursts forth with sparkling diamond petals outlined with diamond baguettes which also serve as the stem.
Vintage circle bracelet from Chanel featuring four hammered gold circles with different intricate detailing on each. A beautiful example of Judith Ripka’s award-winning style of taking classical designs and giving them a modern twist.
Chunky silver bracelet from Goti with small silver flowers, fringed chain detail and a large silver link fastening. Large gold plated ring from Mawi, featuring a wide designer embossed band and oversized spiral detail. Solange Azagury-Partridge ring simply slips on and comes in a designer-stamped red velvet presentation box. This is an elegant and dazzling pair of diamond earrings from Chopard‘s diamond jewelry collection. While the rich and famous were able to demonstrate their wealth by wearing large and stylish fine jewelry, for most other people costume jewelry was the jewelry of choice. From oversize hoop earrings to neon bracelets, there are many types and styles of jewelry that defined the fashions of the 80s. One of the best ways to get a feel for the jewelry styles of the 80s is to look at the fashion icons of the time. Dynasty and Dallas (television series'): The flashier the better, and jewelry often featured large pearls and big earrings.
Madonna: Madonna wore big sparkly jewelry, long beaded necklaces, huge earrings, and it would've been difficult to guess just how many bracelets (of all kinds, in all colors) adorned her wrists at any given time. People who are interested in 1980s jewelry will find that it is regularly available for sale on online auctions sites such as eBay. If there's one thing that was popular in the 80s that's totally doable today, it's a pair of big earrings. Apple Green CZ Sparkling Cocktail Ring from Eve's Addiction (around $48): Made with rhodium-covered sterling silver, a large peridot-colored stone, and tiny cubic zirconias to grab attention, 80s style.
Princess Cut Blue CZ Vintage Style Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring, also from Eve's Addiction (about $45): Sterling silver with a rhodium finish, large blue center stone, and several small white cubic zirconias. Swarovski Slake Deluxe Crystal Stud Wrap Bracelet (close to $70) from Macy's: A multi-row wrap bracelet featuring Swarovski crystals, available in nine colors. Lulu Frost Simulated Pearl Necklace from Neiman Marcus (around $350): A 16-inch multi-strand simulated pearl necklace that mimics the layered look of the decade.
Chunky Pearl Necklace from CameronsJewelryBox (about $25, pictured below) on Etsy: A handmade 20-inch gold chain and white pearl necklace with clusters of pearls in various sizes.

Geometric Earrings (just over $45, pictured below) from BooandBooFactory on Etsy: Handmade leather and bronze dangly earrings featuring neon colors. Look for jewelry that features things like the Rubik's cube or popular movies or TV shows from the 80s. Retro Cassette Tape Earrings from Cafe Press (under $25): These oval-shaped earrings dangle from your ears. Pave Link Bracelet (just over $20) from Shamelessly Sparkly: Chunky gold-toned links covered in small, clear rhinestones. Tortoiseshell Loops and Bold Silver Chain Necklace (around $35) from Zoky Doky: A mix of tortoiseshell and shiny metal in an adjustable length that allows you to loop it for different looks. Michael Kors Gold-Tone Malachite Disc Drop Earrings (about $175, pictured below) from Macy's: A mix of gold-toned metal and beautiful green malachite discs. The undiluted radiance of Irene Neuwirth‘s spectacular jewels is epitomised in these aquamarine and diamond drop earrings.
Fine aqua blue aquamarines bezel set in eighteen carat yellow gold drop earrings by Irene Neuwirth. Utilising a lesser known material here, Irene Neuwirth creates the most elegant fine jewellery which combines tradition and modernity.
Irene Neuwirth Fine aquamarine and 18k yellow gold long necklace Precious stones like aquamarines and moonstones are the new diamonds. Irene Neuwirth‘s simple but wholly engrossing 18k rose gold chandelier earrings are elegant examples of everyday fine jewellery. Laurent Gandini handmade drop earrings: 9-karat rose gold, filigree-inspired design, cutouts. The elegant plaques are connected by a classic Deco link composed of four straight baguette diamonds which match the pair of baguettes in the plaques. Each lightweight, marquise-shaped link features lacy, airy designs and incorporates gem Burmese rubies as flower petals along with shimmering rose cut diamonds and snow white natural pearls.
The exotic land of the rising sun is elegantly depicted in platinum, diamonds, onyx, enamel and decorative fused glass.
Three rows of bright white, tightly packed diamonds lead up to the gorgeous center section which features a fine 1.00 ct.
Expertly crafted in platinum and based on the popular pagoda motif from the period, these unique par of pins shimmer with old mine cut diamonds and old-mine Colombian emeralds and may be worn individually or jabot style.
Jewelry became more than just a fashion accessory; it was also a means of making a statement. Again, gold featured in many 80s necklaces, in the form of real gold or gold-plated pieces. Whereas previously they had been regarded as being slightly old-fashioned, the 80s fashion jewelry styles called for brooches that were as large and bold as other items of jewelry. These were worn both during the day and as evening wear and contributed to the overall sense of confidence and wealth that were part of the decade.

Diamond Inside-Out Hoop Earrings ($225) from Kohl's: These hoops are one inch in diameter, but have three rows of pave crystals all over the outside as well as the inside.
Sometimes Etsy is the best place to look for themed items, but other stores may surprise you from time to time.
Don't be surprised if some people don't even recognize them for what they are since cassette tapes are such a thing of the past. The distinctive styles provide inspiration for those trend setters looking for something a little different in their jewelry. This solid and superb bracelet measures half an inch wide and is a full seven inches in length. This magnificent diamond and platinum Deco necklace also converts into two bracelets and a diamond clip!
The piece is further adorned with a pair of pear shape diamonds and a marquise diamond set between the petals.
The border radiates with alternating lines of calibre sapphires and a double row of round and rose cut diamonds. Unlike the tiny and discrete necklaces and pendants of previous decades, 80s jewelry saw the advent of large beaded necklaces, huge earrings, jelly bracelets, and big brooches. A large, heavy necklace made in gold would have been prohibitively expensive for many people. Crystal and cut glass were also popular, and these complemented other styles of jewelry that used real gemstones. Plastic, neon-hued jelly bracelets were must-haves for the younger demographic, who wore as many as they could comfortably fit on their arms. This gorgeous and useful jewel contains over 15.00 carats of baguette, square, double bullet shape and round diamonds set in bright white platinum. It was also, however, due to jewelry designers who were looking to push the boundaries of design and explore new and different materials. Gold disc earrings were particularly fashionable and these complemented large gold buttons that graced jackets and suits.
Long ropes of imitation pearls in every color were worn plain, in bunches, or with the ends tied in knots.
This striking diamond design is embellished with a frame of bright green, crystalline calibre emeralds.

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