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We had a great ENT (Ear, nose and throat doctor) in Alaska that introduced us to a sinus wash. After we started using the sinus wash we found out that a young lady we knew swore by them. Using a sinus wash instead of pills or nose spray, is a little more work and not always convenient. The air in Alaska is very, very dry and that made us even more prone to sinus infections, since it tended to really dry out our nasal passages. For a number of years I used over the counter medications such as Sudafed (before the clamp down because of use to make Methamphetamine), Muscinex (which works well, but affects my whole body), and Flonase (Fluticasone, generic prescription) which is a steroid nose spray. It's not something we have tried, even though for a while, Frank just used a bowl of saline in the shower.

Once she discovered and started using a sinus wash, she had fewer asthma attacks and was able to decrease the medication she was taking for these two issues. But in our efforts to decrease our chemical intake, this is a low-tech, no medication option. Once I got used to the really weird feeling of squirting water up my nose, I prefer a sinus wash bottle.
She found that washing out the irritants that kicked up her allergies not only helped alleviate some of those symptoms, but in turn, decreased her asthma reactions as well.
And along those lines, when the time comes when we don't have easy access to the plethora of over the counter medications, this may be a very important option. One thing we learned was to leave the bottle sitting upright with the lid off between uses, just for air circulation.

I don't know if this would be the case for others since I do not have any serious allergies, or suffer from asthma, but I did think it was very interesting. If we have access to water and salt, we can treat allergies, sinus congestion, colds and any other ailment that comes along to decrease the air flow in our nasal passages. Is it a sustainable way to help increase our health without bombarding our bodies with yet more chemicals?

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