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If you continue without changing your settings we will assume you are happy to receive all cookies on this site. Special Interests:Otology, Neurotology, Cochlear and Auditory Brainstem Implantation, Skull Base surgery, Neurofibromatosis type II, Facial palsy. Hydroxine - Meperidine Technique for Rhinoplastic Surgery, Medical trials technique quarerly, July 1966.
We will make you feel welcome, understand the needs you have as a patient and enthusiastically give you an appointment to see us-usually within 2 weeks, many times sooner, and many times on the same day! Having serviced this region for over 25 years, our mission is to provide the highest quality, comprehensive Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck care in a friendly, respectful and professional environment. He is a nationally-certified and state-licensed audiologist with professional associations including the American Academy of Audiology and American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. In his free-time he enjoys spending time with friends and family, and watching his son grow up. We feel our support staff, led by clinic manager, Joshua Soderholm, are the greatest you will ever meet.
Northland Ear, Nose & Throat has been recognized as one of the top Duluth Audiology practices.
He has undertaken advanced fellowships in Otology, Neurotology, Cochlear Implantation and Skull base Surgery, with Professor Gibson in Sydney and then with Professor Ramsden in Manchester. Department of Labor, Freemont Insurance, Water and Power, Industrial Indemnity, Los Angeles City, L.A.

Choquette was born in Upper Michigan and moved to Hibbing, Minnesota, where he graduated from Hibbing High School and Hibbing Community College. Freeman is a Clinical Professor at the University of Minnesota-Duluth Medical School and has served on various care improvement committees at St.
Feldhake completed her undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Wisconsin Madison and her doctoral degree from Pennsylvannia College of Optometry, School of Audiology which is now known as Salus University. He is passionate about hearing and is well versed in the advances of hearing aid technology. After Graduating from Hermantown High School, he attended the University of Minnesota Duluth where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management. Our wonderful people will make you feel welcome, understand the needs you have as a patient and enthusiastically give you an appointment to see us - usually within 2 weeks, sometimes sooner. After graduating high school he attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he received his Bachelors in Chemistry in 1981, Summa Cum Laude. She holds certification from ASHA and ABA in Audiology with a Pediatric Audiology Specialty Certification, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and a Fellow Member of the Tinnitus Practitioners Association. Patient care is his top priority, and he works in conjunction with physicians who specialize in disorders and diseases of the ear in order to meet the goal of optimal patient care. Josh is energetic, compassionate, and determined to make sure our patients receive the highest quality care possible. He is currently the Clinical Lead for the Manchester Cochlear Implant service and is part of the Neurofibromatosis type II service at Saint Mary’s and the Facial Function clinic with Mr Ahmed Sadiq at the Royal Eye Hospital.

He then attended UMD Medical School and graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School. He then went on to complete his Doctor of Medicine (with Distinction) in 1985 at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Feldhake services all age ranges but has specialized in pediatric services in addition to tinnitus management and balance evaluations. Freeman then served 2 years in the General Surgery residency at Iowa Methodist Medical Center followed by the University of Minnesota's Otolaryngology Program. She has served on both The State of Wisconsin Hearing and Speech Examining Board and the Wisconsin Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Association (WSHA) Board. She helped develop Wisconsin's infrastructure for the newborn hearing screening legislation and implementation.
She has received commendations from Wisconsin Governors and WSHA, most notably the 2006 Audiologist of the Year, 2011 Honors of the Association and 2012 Presidents' Award.

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