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Plugs featuring imagery of these pleasant pups go great with like-themed clothing, or on their own as an interest-grabbing accent.  Clip some feathers in your hair for a fun tribal look, sweep tresses up to deliver drama, or let locks fall where they may for a modern twist. As anyone who’s modified knows, the change in seasons can mean a difficult period of biological adjustment, particularly for those of us with sensitive skin that’s been pierced or tattooed. For more about modifications and aftercare year round, check out the rest of our Piercings and Aftercare category, and stay tuned. First the entire area is cleaned, and then a detailed set of markings is laid out to ensure that the two dermals will be well positioned in relation to both the tattoos, and eachother. To see more real dermals and body piercings being performed up close and personal, check us out on YouTube, and join the conversation. For more about jewelry composition and materials, check out the rest of our Body Jewelry Materials category, and stay tuned! Remember, even if you stretch at home, your neighborhood piercer is always a good ally when it comes to body mod, and he or she will be willing to share a wealth of knowledge that can streamline your process, usually free of charge.  For more about plug jewelry, tribal mods, and stretching, check out the rest of our Plugs and Gauging category, and stay tuned. Soft silvery blue tones definitely bring ice to mind, but they actually have the opposite effect on fashion, making all your cold weather ensembles hot!  For those who favor surgical steel, sticking with solids is the way to go.  Your perfect choice for a cool color pick-me-up?

For sweeties who prefer to be festive this season, some icy blue snowflakes are the perfect pick.  Coordinate for a double dose of holiday cheer, or focus on a single feature for the ultimate style payoff.
Pastel blue pearls are a favorite feminine classic, but for everyday wear, girls who are in the know go faux.  Durable, luminous, and available in a variety of fun wintery styles, these pearly blues are the icing on all your favorite fashionable cold season outfits. In the early days of contemporary western body piercing, there wasn’t a great variety of colors and styles available in jewelry.
It may be just a hop, skip, and a jump away from 2015, but as we barrel head-on towards the future of body art, it never hurts to take time out to appreciate our roots.
Black titanium is a maverick metal too, essentially stainless steel’s darker, hotter cousin.
After the locations have been viewed and agreed upon, a hollow piercing needle in lined up just right. In fact, in many instances, when new and interesting piercings were invented or modified, piercers had to get a bit crafty, creating new or custom body jewelry styles. Blending seamlessly with any style or look, it provides a little extra edge in the process.

The needle goes in at an angle, creating a pocket-like puncture in the skin, and a microdermal anchor is then inserted and moved into place. This simple, high shine, and neutral-toned marvel is still going strong moving forward through the 2010s, and with very good reason. A simple gem is all that remains at the surface, perfectly framing Aj’s bone structure, and her ink.
The same steps are repeated on the opposite side, and after a quick final touchup her clavicle dermals are ready to rock. It goes with everything, and sacrifices nothing, making it a body jewelry force to be reckoned with.

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