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The Lexiphone method was developed in the mid-70’s by a psychiatrist and Professor of Psychology, Dr Isi Beller, who has spent more than 25 years researching dyslexia.
The Lexiphone method is to retrain auditory attention and speech awareness during selected listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. Our publications are for young deaf people, families of deaf children and those who work with them.
Information about Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and sources of further support and information. There are a variety of benefits available for a family with a deaf child, or for young deaf people. Glue ear is one of the most common childhood illnesses, and can cause temporary hearing loss.
Information on the causes of deafness, hearing aids and cochlear implants, newborn hearing screening and more.

Information about sleeping problems in deaf children, as well as tips on how to help, and where to get more information. Every month Tiger Mother brings you a frank insight into the ups and downs of life with a deaf child. Details of support in your area, including local groups, NDCS family and regional support officers and events close to you. An introduction to the wide range of products and equipment that might be helpful to your deaf child at home, at school or when socialising with friends. A directory of links to organisations who can provide further support and information to families and deaf children. Download this documentFundraising materials order form 2016 113kbOrder various materials to help support your fundraising such as collectin tine, running vests and balloons. Download this document'We are family' Signed Song Sheet 2176kbAll of the signs and lyrics you will need to put on a star performance.

Download this documentGuiding Promises - All 1059kbLearn how to sign the Guides, Brownies, Rainbows and Leaders promises.
Our friendly group is run by volunteer parents from all over Cambridgeshire with lots of experience in bringing up children with different degrees of deafness. Highlights of our events calendar have included an amazing weekend at Sheringham, a Christmas panto, a trip to London Zoo, pond-dipping, arts and crafts and face-paining.
We welcome all deaf children, and their families, to come and join in the fun and make new friends.

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