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Oil rich Saudi Arabia is turning its attention to gold after finding major potentials for the yellow metal in it's vast deserts. Arab world's largest gold consumer Saudi Arabia's jewellery sales and gold investments are expected to hit $3.75 billion this year. They said gold demand has been declining in the Kingdom due to higher prices and on speculation that many shops offering low quality gold to customers. Some 30 gold shops in Makkah alone closed down due to the decrease in gold sales and the increase in gold prices. More than 500 gold shops has been closed in Saudi Arabia due to the losses resulting from the rise in the international prices of the yellow metal. Saudi Arabia's National Committee for Gold urged customers to make sure that the factory's trademark is engraved on the pieces.

In Saudi Arabia, one of the largest gold consumer in the Middle East, foreigners are running most gold shops in the name of a Saudi citizen. Jewelry shops in different parts of the Kingdom have been shut down for not recruiting trained Saudis.
Saudi citizens are also known for buying gold from the holy city of Makkah during the season, which they considered auspicious.
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