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These earrings are great for everyday wear; perfect as a gift or a favourite for your own jewellery box. The gold used in this piece comes from Eco Andina, this is a group of small scale co-operative miners in Argentina which uses alluvial (hand panning) techniques to acquire gold.
Earrings known as Jhumka in our country (Pakistan) as well as this is a second main part on a jewelry set, without Jhumka jewelry set not complete.
Earrings or Jhumkas are stunning as well as spectacular extremely big sizing hanging earrings in round and also conical curve bell form.
There are actually lots of earring styles as well as several of designs are accessible in jewelry shops or even on online world but most are not really according to the recent fashion trend.
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Designer Vivien Johnston launched the brand in 2006 and only works with gold and gemstones that are produced by ethical methods. Our driving inspiration is to bring to you a choice of fine jewellery, sourced from transparent supply chains, from the very best designers.

Mostly we can use it on celebration, gatherings, events, parties, functions and also on wedding ceremonies. The jhumka is made in the form of a bell having a huge gold drop seen within the external cupola.
This kind of jewelry considering a fashion and now it is on its peak especially a craze found of earrings in young girls.
Fifi Bijoux believes in traceable supply chains and is committed to supporting the people who mine gold, diamonds and precious gemstones.
We try to manage our business in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible and all of our jewellery is created from fair trade, ethically sourced or recycled materials. Jhumkas are an eternal favorite everlasting style jewelry which is usually in fashion since many years for the magnificent look which can balance along with any kind of function.
Below several brand new as well as exclusive earring patterns which surly make you popular and also give you a heart touching look at everywhere you go.
The fair trade gold used in Fifi Bijoux’s jewellery comes from Eco Andina, a group of small scale co-operative miners in Argentina and gemstones are sourced only through ethical and fair trade projects.

We are committed to delivering beautiful pieces selected from our favourite designers including exclusive items only available here at Olive & Reg. And in Pakistan women love to buy and wear Jhumkas on all type of occasions no matter she is young or old.
It is extremely essential and also can make our own character decent and more appealing and even provide us a stylish or fashionable look. Earrings could have possibly partial valuable gem-stone beads or even excellent precious metal tassels holding through the borders. You can find lots of earrings styles which buying to the proper set of Jhumka could be remarkable.

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