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Brides mostly wear gold and love having unique designs that enhance their beauty and add glamour to their personality. Some brides like delicate designs with single chain and fancy pendant in the center but now most of the brides like having traditional designs that are heavy, complex and well-defined.
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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Demand for gold has steadily risen since 2000, with much of it due to developing nations using their new-found wealth to fill their reserves with bullion. Make sure it suits you and is of appropriate size neither extremely heavy nor too light and delicate to go unnoticed.

In fact, the slump last week prompted an increase in buyers, as "bargain-hunters" looked to increase their exposure to this precious metal while prices had dipped. They are usually of the same color as of the wedding outfit to make them compatible with the dress. The base and material used in jewelry is the same for all pieces like necklace, ear rings, teeka and jhoomer. View a catalogue or magazine with bridal gold jewelry to get informatoin about which designs will look perfect on you are in fashion.
This is the view of Angelos Damaskos, who, it should be pointed out, is hardly an impartial observer, as he runs the Junior Gold fund. That is because it is considered to be a currency that cannot be manipulated, in the way that central banks can interfere with the value of their own notes by printing more, or by changing interest rates.

The era of "fiat money", allowing currencies to fluctuate based on confidence and to be influenced by domestic monetary policy. A spokesman said: "Most funds that invest in gold will do so by owning a company that mines the metal. But Mr Connolly points out that historically gold has not always been a safe asset, losing 65pc of its value in just two-and-a-half years after prices peaked in 1980. Traded on a stock exchange like shares, ETFs allows investors to track the performance of a particular index or commodity.

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