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Dutch rock band Golden Earring reached #1 on the Billboard Top Tracks chart with this 1982 classic! Have you ever thought of posting a video of the band you play with on your site or on youtube.
Unless stated otherwise in the description above, all items are in at least excellent condition - so please read our descriptions carefully. Released nine years after Radar Love, Twilight Zone was and is fabulous party tune with a classic opening riff and bass line!

However, we stock thousands of out-of-print formats and we specialise in tracking down out-of-print, deleted and hard-to-find releases. Just the facts and not a lot of fluff and theory as to why it's done the way it is done. My instruction has focused on advancing practical rather than theoretical knowledge and making learning fun! I have a "healthy" collection of electric guitars and enjoy working on them, setting them up, modding them, etc.

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