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Military haircuts have been trending for the last couple of years, yet there is still a lot of misinformation going around for these particular haircuts. As said, there are 12 military haircuts that have been used by folks in the military for decades.
The above 12 military haircuts have been popular at one time or another since the First World War (i.e. The Undercut was sported by just about every German soldier in Nazi Germany back in the late 1930s and early 1940s; incidentally, Hitler sported a Regulation Cut.
Men in the First World War went for Regulation Cuts as it was then that the battlefield tactics evolved and men wore heavy helmets in freezing temperatures. The High and Tight Recon has been the flagship haircut of the Marines from the 1960s onwards. Make no mistake though, there may be a good variety of military haircuts, but all of them must be short haircuts that are no longer than two inches in hair length; as a matter of fact, most military haircuts actually have the hair at one inch or lower in length. The Regulation Cut is the (usual) haircut of higher ranking military officials (though not all sport Regulation Cuts!).
A Fade haircut is a haircut that allows for the gradual decreasing of hair length until the hair is no longer seen (i.e. A Regular Fade (aka a simple Fade) has the hair on the sides and back of the head finishing at one’s natural hairline, so basically the hair is tapered right till where your hair ends on the nape and ears. Overall, with a Fade haircut, the hair on the top of the head can be any length although, for military personnel, a Fade haircut will never have the hair on the top longer than two inches.
The High and Tight Recon haircut (aka Recon) is the super-uber-cool haircut of REAL MANLY MEN. The Crew Cut is a conservative haircut that has been used by not only military men but also by sportsmen; most notably, the Crew Cut has been sported by team members (or crews) in boat races between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The Ivy League haircut is a haircut that was most popular with the undergraduates of the Ivy League universities, although the Ivy League haircut has been used plentifully by military men alike (especially higher-ranking military personnel). The Flat Top is one diesel haircut that unfortunately isn’t feasible for men with curly hair (damn you, curls!). The Flat Top requires a haircut that carefully trims the hair on the top of the head so that, when the hair is lifted up (i.e.
For every weekly question I get asking me what’s Simon Cowell haircut, I get some twenty more questions asking me how to do an Undercut.
The Undercut is a mere bowl haircut, which means that the sides and back of the head are clipped short (up to a number three guard length) whereas the hair is left as long as you want on the top.
Since all military haircuts emphasize a short length, your range of hair products to use could not be any more simpler; essentially, all you need is a good hair clipper that can withstand some heavy-duty clipping and a hairstyling product such as a wax, pomade or hair gel. All military haircuts, from the High and Tight to the Regulation Cut, have had the same focus: to keep the hair as short as possible so that it never becomes an issue when engaged in battle. Sometimes the hardest part of styling hair is making sure the sides and back look good too. Sorry if these are probably really stupid questions, but I just want to know before I go there, get it cut, and it turns out horrible. Most barbers in the United States and in other English-speaking countries are acquainted with the High and Tight.
Lastly, tell him that you do not want to have the perimeter of the head’s top faded or smoothed out. Hope that helps and that you find a good barber to give you an epic High and Tight haircut!
I knew a cadet that had something similar to a Fade cut, similar to the guy’s hair in the picture, except he shaved about 4 inches off right above and an inch past his ears and left the rest the same length as the hair on top of his head.
For the best haircut lengths in any of the military haircuts, go with this rule of thumb: keep the top of the head up to a maximum length of 2 inches, while the sides and back of the head are to be buzzed. As far as military haircuts go, I am not aware of any actual hair-cutting competitions being held. The best place to get a military haircut is a barbershop where the barber has plenty of experience cutting military haircuts.
Avoid hair salons or trendy barbershops as the staff in these places are better suited for trendier modern hairstyles that involve at least medium-length hair. Recently, I have been thinking about getting one of these military haircuts, but I’m not entirely sure if it suits me or not.
I just got a brush cut, but a lot shorter than the picture you used, like just under an inch on top (#5 clipper) and like half an inch on the sides (#3 clipper).
Yep, the brush cut is a very convenient haircut and it’s also a good looking haircut. I actually had a similar situation in which I waited about the same age (a little bit more; I was about 24 years old at the time) before I got my first Recon. Experiences like yours or mine are why I finish off this military haircuts guiding recommending every dude who reads it to try a military haircut at least once in their life. The best place to get a Recon is to go to a barbershop where military guys tend to go or where the barber is either a former military guy or has plenty of experience with the haircut. If your barber isn’t acquainted with the Recon haircut, simply tell him or her that you want a High and Tight haircut that is set higher on the head and that keeps your sides either shaved or done with no guiding comb.
If your barber still stares at you with a blank stare, simply print out the two pictures in the links below (or show them to him or her on your phone) and tell him you want that done exactly as the pictures show.

Nowhere in the military is there any kind of regulation about more time in service or higher rank equals longer hair.. Whether you're a woman who plans to help a man trim his scalp or facial hair, or a man who wants to try to groom himself instead of visit a barber, you'll need to know what the numbered settings on hair clippers mean. The numbers on hair clippers refer to the clipper guard, which determines how close of a cut you get. Speed-O-Guide Guards - Atlanta Barber And Beauty Supply speed-O-guide clipper guards Currency - All prices are in AUD Currency - All prices are in AUD. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 Directions The Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor clipper is efficient, lighweight and very quiet running. Speed-O-Guide Guards - Atlanta Barber And Beauty Supply - speed-O-guide clipper guards Currency - All prices are in AUD Currency - All prices are in AUD. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 - Directions The Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor clipper is efficient, lighweight and very quiet running.
How To Cut Hair With Clippers – Cool Men's Hair - Clippers come in all shapes, sizes, and motor strengths. A Review Of The Wahl All-In-One Lithium Ion Trimmer - The blades are fairly easy to swap out and offer some really nice versatility in what you can do with the trimmer.
Griffin NuuMed Acrylic Working Hunter Numnah - Ride-away - A well cut numnah made using an acrylic fabric with collars and lining.
Sit back, pour yourself a glass of the strongest Scotch whiskey you have and proceed to enjoy Rogelio’s epic blueprint slash guide on military haircuts. Well, when I say as of lately, I’m actually referring to as of a couple of years ago. Ergo, all military haircuts are short haircuts (and thus hairstyles) and none of them allow for the hair to exceed the two-inch hair length mark. In fact, the Marines developed an actual haircut called the Recon, which is the extreme version of the High and Tight haircut (you’ll read more on this haircut below). When you are shooting the enemy and getting shot back in return, there’s really no need to look all glamorous and pretty like Pauly D on a Friday night, don’t you think?
The Induction Cut is a clipped haircut with no guard attached to the hair clipper; essentially, the hair is at a near shaved length and will look like facial stubble. Simply put, the Butch Cut is an all-around clipped haircut done with any of the higher guard numbers of your hair clipper, so basically any guard number between a three and a five (and remember, you use the same guard all around your head).
The Regulation Cut allows up to two inches of hair on the top of the head although the hair is rapidly tapered down the sides and back of the head (using first a pair of scissors and then a hair clipper). On the other hand, A High Fade has the hair visibly ending only one to two inches below the top of the head, or, in other words, there will only be hair visible on the upper part of the sides and back of the head. If what I have written about the Fade in these preceding paragraphs makes as much sense as a drunk monkey attempting to write Cantonese in Cyrillic script, then thou shalt also read my Fade haircut guide to learn all the tidbits about the Fade and its variations.
The High and Tight basically has the hair clipped very short all across the sides and back of the head whereas the top of the head is left with a hair length of up to one inch. Considering that I’m one ugly huggable puppy, I can ascertain that what the Recon does to my looks is one darn good feat. The landing strip is the recognizable trait of a High and Tight Recon haircut and it is the haircut of the Marines too (which partially explains the chic-magnet effect it has).
An Ivy League haircut is also known as a Harvard Clip, a Princeton Clip or a Brown Clip, but this has more to do with one’s university affiliation than with any standardized name for the haircut. In the Ivy League, the hair is longer on the sides and back (compared to the Crew Cut) albeit the hair is still tapered and finished with a hair clipper at the hairline. The Flat Top was the haircut of Guile in the video game Street Fighter and Guile was one of my favorite fighters (along with Ryu), so this haircut carries some good memories of the countless hours I spent in my childhood playing the Super Nintendo with my pals and trading games (p.s. Simon Cowell, known for his scripted funnies in garbage TV shows, sports a trademarked Brush Cut, just in case you were wondering since every week I get at least one person asking me what haircut Simon Cowell has. The Undercut, informally known as an SS haircut or Darmody haircut, is a haircut that has been trending for the last two years for some unknown reason; it is like every male in the United Stated under the age of 25 must have an Undercut because each one of his Facebook friends has an Undercut. Of course, in terms of military haircuts, the Undercut should only have the hair on the top of the head at a maximum length of two inches, but you are free to have your hair as long as you want although, the longer the hair, the sillier the Undercut tends to look as there is no smoothing of the haircut’s edges (although you might want to get some fading done on the edges due to the aforementioned walking-mushroom effect). Basically, I always tell dudes asking me for advice to try at least one of the military haircuts in their lifetime because any of the 12 haircuts above will give you some extra freshness and added convenience that none of the trendy diva-like haircuts of today will ever give you. Having embraced his natural curly hair for over a decade while living in 5 countries, Rogelio has learnt a thing or two along the way.
But I have family members in the military (including those who went on duty to Iraq and a couple of other worldwide wars) and I did go to a US military academy for summer camps when I was a kid (had a blast with the kids my age preparing for a military career). Now that regulation is just for the US army, no other branches or countries for that matter.
However, this is NOT an official haircut guide for any of the US military branches in particular.
Then, there’s the whole military-obedience thing and looking as homogeneous as possible, but all military forces around the world since the 20th century have asked their male members to keep their hair short as long hair is a hazard. It’s a timeless style and personally, a good way to have an easy style method for your hair.
So when I go to the place where I get my haircut, do I have to tell them to do anything specific in the way they cut it? And after several weeks at having it as a high and tight, when it starts to grow back is it going to look funny?

I rock this style and I usually cut my hair once a week, it saves me money plus I don’t have to worry about barbers ruining my hairline.
However, the lengths within these ranges (for this rule of thumb) are up to the serviceman’s preference.
Likewise, if any of your cadets wants to ask any haircut questions, I’ll be happy to also offer my help to them.
I would also like to know where to get the best military haircut, in particular the Recon haircut. The barber may even be a military veteran, and these guys know how to cut any type of military style in this guide. It leaves just about enough length to do some minimal styling, but it’s an overall low-maintenance haircut that suits those of us who just want to dedicate as little time as possible to hair styling in the morning. It looked so good (for my taste) that I thought why on this beautiful Earth I hadn’t taken the 15 minutes to drag myself to the barbershop to get one in all those 24 years. I really could not tell you in Brooklyn, but usually the least fancy-looking barbershops are the best barbershops for these kind of haircuts. Put some sun lotion on your sides and back of the head as with that short length you may get those areas of the head sun burnt. In fact hair length really has no correlation on how much combat you do or don’t see.
The knowledge can also help ensure you get the type of cut you want from a professional stylist, who may ask what number you want used. While not every hairstyle requires clippers, some cuts, such as fades or military high-and-tight cuts, do.
You can't safely get an extremely close shave at the "zero" setting; it will leave as much stubble as you would have after one or two days of beard growth. The taper is done to skin, which means that the line of hair running across the sides and back of the head blends into the skin (see Fade haircut below). And, with a Low Fade, the hair ends visibly lower than a High Fade but higher than a Regular Fade, so a low Fade usually ends up about one to two inches above the natural hairline. The guard length used for the back and sides is either a one, a two or no guard at all, and the hair on the top is usually clipped with a guard length of one or two numbers higher than the sides and back of the head. With regards to the hair on the top in the Ivy League haircut, the hair is also longer than in the Crew cut, with a length for the Ivy League between one to two inches and usually allowing the hair on the front to be slightly longer than the hair on the crown, keeping a wedge-like pattern when the hair is seen from the side (the wedge-like pattern is also seen in the Crew Cut but is not as noticeable due to shorter hair lengths).
An actual cool dude who sported an equally-cool Brush Cut was Val Kilmer aka Tom “Iceman” Kazanski in Top Gun.
This is a civilian-focused (mainly) military haircuts guide, although it can be used as a guide for males in the military (but always ask your superiors!). In this case, you’d ask for a number-three hair clipper length on the top of the head if you get your sides and back buzzed with a number-one hair clipper length. I published this guide not just for civilians themselves but also for military servicemen who want to know and learn about the range of military haircuts that they can choose from. As far as styling some of the longer military haircuts such as the Ivy league or the High and Tight, tell them to keep it simple and to use either a hair-styling wax or a hair-styling gel.
Another word of advice that I give you is to locate barbershops near military bases as the barbers in these barbershops are typically acquainted with the range of military haircuts for men. Just make sure that you’ve your own hair clipper at home when you get back from your holidays and keep that Recon high and tight! While you shave your entire head this short, this setting is most often used to clean up hair around the hairline.
We just linked the file or embed from Youtube then display them here to make visitor easy to find it. European ones), the hair on the top of the head can be (and will usually be) left at the same length and not be tapered as with the US version of the Crew Cut. If you regularly get silly-looking haircuts because you have low self-confidence and simply want to fit in, then I recommend you to get my bestseller (yes, bestseller) book, The Curly Hair Book, as I cover not only all about hair care and hairstyling for men but I also give you some good motivation and mental encouragement so that you get to use your hair to help construct the puzzle that makes you as a male. I believe they got that from watching ET (the movie) as I think the kid in that movie (Elliot) gets a bowl cut too (movie connoisseurs, feel free to correct me on this one as it’s been a long time since I watched ET). This ensures that no hair touches the shirt’s collar even if some length (trimmed with scissors) is left on the upper-part of the sides and back of the head.
The Undercut requires in fact a higher length than 2 inches (otherwise it’s a straight-up High and Tight), so an Undercut in the military would have the hair on the top of the head go from 2 inches to 4 inches. I have a paper with two example pictures but it really only confused me more when it talked about the tapered appearance, and what type of sideburns the guys are allowed to have. Many barbers will try to intuitively smooth out the perimeter, but, in a textbook High and Tight haircut, there’s no smoothing out of the perimeter, which makes this haircut a very easy one to get and do by oneself if you own a hair clipper. 4 setting and is often not included in traditional clipper kits but is instead sold separately.

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