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Electrical stimulation is one of a variety of non-invasive treatment protocols we frequently use here at the Headache Center of Chicago.
At the Headache Center of Chicago our neuromuscular dentists rely on a specific type of electrical stimulation device called an AlphaStim.
How Does AlphaStim Technology Compare to Other Commonly Used Electrical Stimulation Devices? Over the years, many devices have been used for applied electrical stimulation to treat a wide variety of conditions. The microcurrent applications of the alpha wave technology in an AlphaStim device are uniquely designed for neuromotor re-education of functional pathways and management of the abnormal neurochemistry present in chronic pain patients. Since we are talking about treating areas of our bodies that contribute to the dysfunction and pain one experiences, let’s ask the obvious question: Exactly what IS dysfunctional when you have these types of pain conditions? The Headache Center of Chicago uses AlphaStim to reduce pain and heal patients with chronic headaches, persistent migraines, as well as a host of other debilitating conditions. If you are suffering, or someone you love is, know that AlphaStim technology is just one of many things that HCC can potentially offer you in your effort to find lasting pain relief.
In this ever-changing world of medical researches, a part of the old concept on how infant?s go through their teething periods has changed.
The teething period is defined as the eight-day period, beginning four days before a tooth comes through the gum and extending three days afterward.

We hv started giving calcarea phosphate 2 pills 3 times but now from 3 days hes having lose motion but not watery its ok but smells sour.
Hy I need ur help will calcarea pho can remove yellow spot at my teeth.and can I find it in pharmacy?
Dear Doc… My baby boy is 10 months old now and he is teething and he have upper middle teeth coming and two lower side tooths coming. I m 21 yr old and i have a constant urge of eating calcarea phosphorica 6x tablets as i find it very tasty.When i get it i cant stop eating it until i finish the whole packet. Hello sir, I have baby girl of 6 months running.
Dear Dr Sharma, my son is 8 years old and his top teeth seem to be growing outwards, they are not inline with his teeth below, i want to avoid a teeth brace, can i give him calc phos 30c? I have a baby boy of 6 months because teething started to him and suffering from loose motions 8-9 times a day.
And believe it or not, use of AlphaStim also simultaneously encourages the restoration of normal sleep patterns which are necessary for the correction of chronic pain. A new study helps confirm what most modern day pediatricians and physicians now strongly believe, that fevers greater than 102infections and diarrhea should not be attributed to teething. He does 4 times potty and whenever he passes wind then he takes takes out little potty this is due to teething problem.

I have tried a 6c but when i give him this his behaviour becomes very silly and naughty, i thought maybe he needs a higher dose such as 30c?
So before one attributes any infants’ signs or symptoms of a potentially serious illness to teething, other possible causes must be ruled out. Many times i’ve felt restlessnesss and stomach disorder if i take too many of it and regularly. Could you please confirm if this potency will be ok for an 8 year old boy, he is dark complexion, dark hair, tall and too skinny even though good appetite. This change in concept, basically aims at making teething safer and dispelling myths associated with it. Usually, however, the first tooth – which tends to be in the middle of the lower jaw. No major problems apart from muscle stiffness at times, and discomfort in nerves occasionally. Now we have seen that second teeth is coming up from jaw…and we are assuming that this fever is due to this teeth growing because last time when he was having his first teeth he had same type fever for 4-5 days.

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