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With a combined 35 years of experience Dan and Ryan are extremely capable of taking care of you and your hearing aid needs. Absolute Hearing Aid Center LLC is locally owned and operated serving the inland northwest with more than 35 years of combined experience.
At Absolute Hearing Aid Center we will give you the patient a complete audiometric test using the most state of the art equipment available. Spend less for a larger supply of the batteries that will let you get out and enjoy the world around you!
Find out how we offer you high quality batteries for your hearing aid at a fraction of the normal cost! For many years, manufacturers and professionals alike have marketed and touted the abilities of hearing devices in improving hearing.
To add to the misinformation, the onslaught of advertising focusing on low cost reinforces the concept that all one needs to hear better is a product. Being in business for over 45 years, we have seen many changes in hearing healthcare and a few things that have stayed the same. After 10 years at the X street location, we decided to get back to our roots and move the location back to Midtown Sacramento and back to J street, where it all started.
Starting Monday February 8th, the NEW Midtown Sacramento Location will be open to all appointments and Walk-in are ALWAYS accepted.

The ATOM Series hearing devices work seamlessly with ALL Intela-Hear EZ-Link Accessories, so these hearing devices can connect with ANY Cell Phone brand, like Samsung, Android, Windows, Nokia, etc.
This new standard is accomplished by adding new and innovative technologies with the most advanced proprietary algorithms in the industry. Utilizing only the latest state-of-the-art testing and fitting equipment, ensures the best hearing possible with hearing aids. This test includes pure tone testing, bone conduction testing, uncomfortable level testing, as well as speech recognition and discrimination testing.
They do just about everything these days, including being able to help you screen your own hearing. There can be multiple reasons why this happens ranging from simply not wanting to hear everything (some people just like the quiet!) to not getting a proper hearing aid fitting and everything in between.
Hearing aids, while very capable in compensating for diminished hearing, may not be the entire solution required to hear in some situations.
While no one can argue that a hearing device is indeed necessary and they are not all created equal, the underlying reason for someone’s success or failure comes down to the professional fitting them.
Our intentions as professionals are not to make it seem like everyone needs our services to gain back lost hearing.
Ask many who have been in the hearing healthcare industry for more than a few years and they will likely agree: insurance and hearing aids is confusing at best.

These technologies and Intela-Heara€™s approach to treating sound like the normal human ear, allows wears to receive clean, clear, rich, which produces high quality vibrant sound experience like it is meant to be heard a€?A Natural Hearing Systema€?.
Our commitment to better hearing is further enhanced with our extensive line of digital products that have proven themselves to be the leading edge in hearing aid technology.
Today’s hearing aids have come a long way, but there are simply some situations in which modern hearing aids, even the most advanced, cannot help you hear everything you wish to hear.
To explain this, let’s examine the life of two very different people that experience similar hearing loss.
For years now Mary has been missing much of the conversations she has at work, often times asks her husband to repeat things, and has noticed her grandkids are very difficult to understand (they must mumble!). It is our intention to make it clear that the right professional has the knowledge and skills to maximize the benefits of the device(s).
A convenient location with personal service only adds to the effectiveness of the hearing care we can give you and your family. A hearing screening app can do a basic hearing screening which may help to give you an approximation of your hearing abilities.

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