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The first hearing aids were enormous, horn-shaped trumpets with a large, open piece at one end that collected sound. The development of the modern hearing aid might not have been possible had it not been for the contributions of two of the greatest inventors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Industrial Revolution allowed for the mass production of hearing aids and created a new middle class that could afford the technology.
In the 1920s, vacuum tubes were introduced to hearing aids, which made sound amplification more efficient, but enormous batteries still made them cumbersome. At the turn of the 21st century, computer technology made hearing aids smaller and even more precise, with settings to accommodate virtually every type of listening environment. For more information on hearing aids and related topics, check out the links on the following page. After 10 years at the X street location, we decided to get back to our roots and move the location back to Midtown Sacramento and back to J street, where it all started.

Starting Monday February 8th, the NEW Midtown Sacramento Location will be open to all appointments and Walk-in are ALWAYS accepted.
The ATOM Series hearing devices work seamlessly with ALL Intela-Hear EZ-Link Accessories, so these hearing devices can connect with ANY Cell Phone brand, like Samsung, Android, Windows, Nokia, etc. This new standard is accomplished by adding new and innovative technologies with the most advanced proprietary algorithms in the industry.
Alexander Graham Bell electronically amplified sound in his telephone using a carbon microphone and battery -- a concept that was adopted by hearing aid manufacturers. The newest generation of hearing aids can continually adjust themselves to improve sound quality and reduce background noise. These technologies and Intela-Heara€™s approach to treating sound like the normal human ear, allows wears to receive clean, clear, rich, which produces high quality vibrant sound experience like it is meant to be heard a€?A Natural Hearing Systema€?.
In 1886, Thomas Edison invented the carbon transmitter, which changed sounds into electrical signals that could travel through wires and be converted back into sounds.

Pilling and Sons of Philadelphia, and Kirchner and Wilhelm of Stuttgart, Germany, produced their own versions of hearing aids. In general, hearing aids should ideally be binaural (in both ears), if the hearing loss involves both ears. A small electronic apparatus that amplifies sound and is worn in or behind the ear to compensate for impaired hearing.Hearing Aids l Hearing l Hearing Aid PricesHearing Aids - Prescription Fit Wholesale Digital Hearing Aids, Best Hearing Aids, Discount Hearing Aid Prices and Cheap Hearing Aid Here! A year later, Miller Reese Hutchison, of the Akouphone company in Alabama, patented the first practical electrical hearing aid, which used a carbon transmitter and battery. The first transistor hearing aid to hit the market in late 1952 was sold by Sonotone for $229.50.

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