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Insurance coverage is a very important consideration for anyone purchasing a pair of hearing devices, whether for yourself or a loved one. There are a number of factors that determine whether insurance will cover hearing aids and, like other medical claims, it’s entirely dependent on the insurance company and plan you have.
If you have Medicare, it should cover the hearing evaluation portion, but does not cover the devices. However, to fully answer the question, we need to first determine what your hearing aid needs are.
The people that seem to have the best chance of any coverage for hearing aids are those who have additional or supplemental insurance policies. Clearly Hearing is dedicated to improving the quality of lives of people living with hearing loss by offering access to high quality hearing aids at the lowest possible prices. We know it can be difficult and confusing when researching what your insurance does and does not cover. A health plan may give you an allowance toward hearing aids if you purchase from a contracted provider. We are proud to be hearing care providers in the American Hearing Benefits network, providing discounted hearing aids and free consultations to hundreds of employer groups and organizations.

Medicare and Medicaid coverage for hearing aids varies by state and eligibility is subject to change. If you are a veteran or have a service connection, check with your local VA to see whether you qualify for hearing-related services, including hearing aids. For those with medical flexible spending accounts, the cost of a hearing aid and batteries is considered reimbursable.
In fact, one of the most commonly asked questions we receive is regarding insurance coverage. Coverage can vary from state-to-state, so you may want to look at your medical insurance plan and see what it says about hearing testing or hearing device coverage.
Call or come into the office with your insurance information and we will check your insurance coverage while you get a hearing evaluation. This amount may be allowed toward the entire hearing aid purchase or the amount may be allowed per ear. This means that you must purchase from a provider in order to get a specified discount off the retail price. To learn if you are eligible for American Hearing Benefits discounts contact your groups benefits department.

Some private insurance companies will cover a portion of the hearing device cost while others will cover the testing services but not the devices themselves.
If you have Medicaid, you may get some or most of the testing and device cost covered, but that is dependent on the state you live in.
We participate with most major insurance carriers as well as Medicaid and other insurance agencies which provide hearing aids as a part of rehabilitative programs. Click here to see a complete list of state Medicaid coverage from the Hearing Loss Association of America. In addition, there is also a push to get more comprehensive hearing aid coverage added to the next Affordable Care Act update.

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