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In the process of getting a hearing test and fitting (something anyone can do for free in most hearing clinics) at Edmonton based Living Sounds Hearing Centre, I confirmed a long-held suspicion that my left ear was not keeping up, especially with high tones.I swallowed my pride after a one-hour session and have been testing the Halos for the past month. Depending on your needs, the type of hearing loss and your budget hearing, clinics can recommend models.
The majority of first time users are already retired with fewer financial responsibilities and hearing clinics can offer payment plans too.
There’s even a default hands-free car mode that kicks in after the car accelerates.Take iPhone calls from the Halo hearing aids, great in a noisy room, but you must still speak to the iPhone itself, nearby. But when a $4,000 TV can be had for half the money in a few years, what’s up with hearing aids?“Compared to the gazillion TVs sold in 2014, between 10 to 11 million hearing aids are sold globally”, said Fabry. An easy graphical iPhone screen interface lets you adjust balance, volume, mass and treble anytime or when configuring GPS-based memory settings.

The Halo delivers with few drawbacks, like the unnatural hearing beep sounds when I adjust the car fan control. Its Brazilian Nut-size battery and brains rests behind your ear with clear thin wire curling into your ear where the tine 2.5 mm x 12 mm driver rests in the ear canal. A specially-fitted rubber tip makes sure the driver rests comfortably and is ventilated so you still hear natural sounds and the Halo’s amplified sound.Hearing loss is more prevalent than you think, facing Canadians of all ages today. Research from the Hearing Foundation of Canada reports that out of three million Canadians who have hearing loss, only one in six wear hearing aids.Hearing loss can affect anyone and has long term harmful effects during critical listening periods in affected children when they don’t pick up in the classroom or just trying to hear their friends or parents.
I was even able to configure a “spy mode” on the iPhone TruLink app that allowed me to have superman hearing from far away! But for adults, as in my case, the first sign ear trouble for me several years ago was the “cocktail party experience” in which I had trouble listening to a person close to me in a crowded room. Being an audiophile, I had high expectations and despite the most excellent every day hearing improvements including the sound of rain, I found listening to music from speakers, or over the ear headphones not up to par, for those who notice.
Fabry explained that high pitch consonants which carry more information in words than vowels are missed, making it difficult to understand a noisy conversation.“This extra concentration can cause exhaustion,” said Fabry, who pointed out that unlike eyes whose vision can be restored with eyeglasses, an ear with hearing loss gives audiologists a lot less to work with. Hearing aids go up to 8,000 Hz with pricier models boasting 12,000 Hz and the bass as low as 160.That takes us to what we can expect from the next generation of high tech hearing aids. The original idea of hearing aids was to simply amplify the sound.Today’s hearing aids have come a long way and the Halo has some cutting edge features that make it the costliest purchase after your car.

Fabry said Starkey is working on higher quality hearing aids designed for hearing preservation to meet the high expectations of today’s baby boomers.
Here’s why:Frequency Transposition, only available in the mid to higher end models, is suited for folks with severe high frequency loss.
A study for WorkSafe BC found that 25 per cent of young people entering the workforce had the early warning signs of hearing loss, with a further 4.6 per cent showing “abnormal” results on hearing tests.
Typically 25 per cent of spoken language is in high frequency and that includes a child’s voice.Additional iPhone functionality like record, playback and email live sound sources and allowing Siri to read emails and texts through the Halo. Still, hearing centres take the sting of purchase away, offering trial periods like 90 days with Living Sound. The Live Microphone feature lets you leave your iPhone in the baby’s room upstairs while you watch TV and will play back any noise through the same hearing aids. The only unnatural sounds were brief high pitch beeping sounds in my car electronics.Speech clarity by processing 16 sound channels, calculating which is the target voice and surpassing background noise, even other voices.

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