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All of us at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center appreciate your interest in our services and support. State of Arizona and clinically certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She received her doctorate of audiology degree from the Arizona School of Health Sciences in Mesa, Arizona. Chris is intrigued by new, advanced hearing technologies such as the wireless communication now available in many digital hearing aids. Stephanie soon found herself captivated by the diverse and rewarding joys of audiology while job shadowing Dr.

Stephanie fell in love with audiology and was quickly accepted into the residential doctoral program at the Arizona School of Health Sciences of A.T. Michigan and her Doctorate in Audiology degree from Arizona School of Health Sciences in Mesa, Arizona. All portions of this site are copyright © 1981-2016, Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, Inc.
It is our goal to keep you informed of the latest changes and the most current technology offered in the hearing health arena. She opened the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in 1981 in downtown Scottsdale and since then, she opened offices in North Scottsdale and the Grayhawk area.

She received her Doctor of Audiology in 2002 from the Arizona School of Health Sciences, a division of A.
She earned her Bachelor's degree at Loyola University in Chicago and her Master's of Audiology from the University of Illinois. Her primary area of practice includes hearing aid evaluation, fitting, and aural rehabilitation for adults.

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