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Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled and therefore may not display all features of this website. The Sony Xperia™ portfolio of chargers is leading the industry in terms of efficiency and energy consumption.
We participated in the development of a rating system for the energy consumption of mobile phone chargers as part of the Integrated Product Policy (IPP) pilot programme under the European Commission. In addition to being industry leaders within the charger section, Sony Xperia™ phones use the most energy efficient batteries available.
Also, Sony Mobile is supporting the industry’s adoption of a standardised charger interface on all our phones and chargers. The consumer has a right to know that we do everything we can to bring safe products to the market. All our phone models are carefully designed and rigorously tested to comply with international safety standards and health regulations.

The radio wave exposure guidelines employ a unit of measurement known as SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). All Sony Xperia™ products are designed and tested to meet relevant requirements on the environment, health and safety.
We introduced new chargers for our products in 2001 that already then met the 2004 EU Code of Conduct (CoC) recommendation. Participating companies were major mobile phone manufacturers working to develop a rating system for charger energy efficiency in no-load mode. As a leading manufacturer of mobile phones, we are committed to high safety standards in the design of all our products. These requirements include that nickel should not be used in surfaces that can come in direct contact with the skin. All phones sold globally since 2003 have chargers that meet the EU voluntary CoC for power supplies.

Our new standard chargers (for example EP-300, EP-310 and EP-800) have a no-load power consumption ?30mW. Extensive research over the years has not established any conclusive evidence linking adverse health effects with the use of mobile phones meeting those standards and regulations. De nombreux articles destockes et bonnes affaires vous sont effectivement proposes avec rabais. Cdiscount vous guide et vous permet de faire des economies sur l'offre smartphone comme pour tous vos achats iPhone 5C 16 Go Jaune Reconditionne Garantie 1 an.

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