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Hearing aids tend to require more professional maintenance than other electronic equipment. Even if you are cleaning your hearing aids daily, they need professional attention from time to time.
Our Audiologist will use bright magnification to look deep into your hearing aid to see what you cannot see at home. Internal moisture inside your hearing aids will be removed by placing your hearing aids in a atmospheric pressure reduction chamber. If necessary, your hearing aids will be buffed and polished to give your hearing aids a like new appearance. These are hearing aids that are placed behind the ear and bring the sound to the The term Snap-Tip refers to the way the foam circle snaps onto the tubing fitted with #13 hearing aid tubing.
Ask our experts questions on hearing aids, tinnitus, cochlear implants and other hearing healthcare topics. Whether you are looking to repair your hearing aids, buy new hearing aids, looking for Tan tips made of high tech slow recovery foam that can replace a custom earmold. Hearing aid as defined in claim 2 wherein said polyurethane foam has a Retarded Recovery Value which is no less than 4 seconds and no more than 45 seconds. Emedco has the finest quality and widest selection of Ear Hearing Aid Electronic Foam Plug.
We recommend using an electric drying system; especially if you work in very humid environments or if you suffer from excessive perspiration. AudinellA® drying capsules have been studied in their form and size to provide greater absorption capacity. The capsule will act overnight to remove moisture and the next day the hearing aids will be dry.
AudinellA® cleansing sprays are specially designed to provide regular, complete and effective cleaning of hearing systems. Technical Data: Includes Soothex that is a natural active component of Indian Frankincense, known first in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and now acknowledged in Western medicine, for its potent anti-irritant effects. The Air ball is designed to gently remove all water and moisture remaining in the tube of the ear mold, air vents and open fit. How to Clean Hearing Aid If you are using a hearing aid you understand how important it is for you.

Hearing aid care and maintenance are easier to manage with hearing aid videos, cleaning and care instructions and hearing aid information from Starkey.
Hearing Aid Accessories When it comes to accessories for hearing aids, there are hearing aid accessories for cleaning your hearing aid, storing your hearing aid and There are many tools and techniques out there, and many places to purchase those tools to keep your hearing devices clean and in proper working order.
We utilize state of the art equipment to professionally service and clean your hearing aids. Temporary Foam Ear Molds are similar to foam ear plugs and have a tube running through the middle that allows sound to get from a BTE Foam Sleeves. The foam is expandable; after you compress it to insert the piece in your ear, the foam Our original Comply C Tip can be used to replace a traditional earmold. The Foam Tips The patented Comply™ C Tips were initially created for the communication needs of hearing aid users. If you're wearing a hearing aid with a changeable foam or silicone dome ear piece, you may need a different size tip to stop your hearing aid from falling out of your ear. Very quick and effective, they eliminate all humidity and condensation inside your hearing aids.
Easy and quick to use, they come in individual packs and are ideal for travelling and they also comply with the new aviation regulations. Using Drying Capsules on a daily basis is a cost-effective routine to protect your expensive Hearing Devices. The spray dissolves earwax and is recommended for cleaning the surfaces of the ear mold and the ITE unit. All you need to do is press the blower and point the end towards the item to be dried, or inserted in the tube.
Without it many of you would be unable to hear or would Tis the season for hearing aid repair.
Learn how to properly clean your hearing aids and various care techniques for hearing If anyone has hearing loss problem, then hearing aids help them in performing their everyday functions normally.
However for hearing aids needing a little more cleaning at home, the following tips will help you. Learn to care for your hearing aid at home and when to see a hearing professional for help. This advanced technology If you're wearing a hearing aid using foam tips, the tips need to be replaced every two to three weeks.

Temporary Foam Ear Molds are similar to foam ear plugs and have a tube running through Note: although most hearing aids have a vent, some do not. They are used in exactly the same way as the dehydrating capsules, preferably at night when going to bed. Hearing aid is a small electronic device which is Tubes that go on receiver-in-c (RIC) type hearing aids do not require cleaning, the cleaning is done by cleaning the domes.
If your Oticon hearing aid has no wax guard protectors, use a wired cleaning tool from the specialist to clean the wax gently at the passage end of the hearing aid.
Since hearing aids are inserted into the ear and often worn for How to Clean a Hearing Aid – How to Clean a Hearing Aid manufactured by companies such as ReSound, Phonak, Siemens, Rexton, Bernafon, Widex, Audibel.
The right way to clean your hearing aids, ensuring the optimal performance, comfort and life-longeivity of your device!
The company is called Hearing Components (it’s a spin-off from the giant 3M Company), and its products are called Comply Foam Eartips, which are offered in a broad The Comply™ C Tips, composed of soft viscoelastic foam, the same foam tips used in advanced hearing aids.
Connect the drying system and place your hearing aids inside, taking care to open the battery compartment.
Antimicrobial components are more effective and are less aggressive on plastics and resins. Just complete the information below, and a local, qualified hearing professional Make a cleaning bath solution from false tooth cleaner. Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes Removes Wax Debris from Hearing Aids and Ear molds.Designed for Hearing Aids.
Did you know that just by putting your new open ear hearing in your ear one time you can make it fail to work? Designed to safely clean accumulated wax from the receiver tube and vent of an ITE aid, or from the sound bore of an earmold.

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