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Mercury is a naturally occurring substance that aids battery conductivity and stabilizes internal materials. Yes – it is a good idea to open the battery door on your hearing aid when you are not using it.
To get the best performance, keep moisture from clogging the air hole by opening the hearing aid compartment every night. Hearing aid battery life is determined by length of use during the day, amplification and type of hearing aid. You can find Energizer® hearing aid batteries in most retail outlets that sell hearing aid batteries and at many hearing aid professional locations.
What if I have a question about Energizer® Hearing Aid Batteries, but can't find the answer on your site? The Duracell Zinc Air technology gives aid to these 1.4 volt hearing aid batteries low profile.

Heat can shorten hearing aid battery life and a damp location like the refrigerator is not recommended. That’s because that’s how long it takes for the outside air to penetrate the battery’s tiny air holes and mix with the battery’s zinc chemistry to power your hearing aid. To make recognition easier, most manufacturers color code hearing aid batteries according to industry standards: 10—yellow 13—orange 312—brown 675—blue. The tab seals the zinc in the battery from exposure to air, ensuring freshness when purchased.
Turning your hearing aid off when not in use can also help get the best hearing aid battery life possible. The Energizer® Ultimate Lithium battery is the world’s longest lasting AA battery and AAA battery in cameras, MP3 players and other high tech devices. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

After you remove the tab, the battery takes about a minute to charge fully and be ready for use.
A protective tab on each hearing aid battery makes them easy to handle and is removed when the battery is used.
Once the tab is pulled and the zinc is exposed to air, replacing the tab will not extend the battery life.

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