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The newest trend in hearing aids and hearing aid technology is the advent of the teeny tiny CIC, also called the IIC, or the Invisible-In-The-Canal.  Some companies and instruments have to be surgically implanted in your ears, but others are a smaller, tinier version of the CIC…like the Sonic Innovations Groove.
The Groove is designed to fit down in the second bend of the ear canal.  Many people will want the Groove because it is cosmetically appealing, but not everyone will be a good candidate for it…some peoples’ ear canals will be too small or too curvy or too waxy for a hearing aid to fit inside of it, or to wear continuously.
See Prince Harry Scream His Way Down Splash Mountain – 23 Years After His First Ride! Thanks to the efforts of the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce, nearly 100 blind and visually impaired children got to experience an Easter egg hunt of their very own on Saturday. In the long-running Beeping Easter Egg Hunt, held in Dallas's Nash-Davis Park, the children used their sense of hearing to seek out special noise-making Easter eggs specially constructed for the occasion. The first egg hunt, in 1999, arose from the DJCC's desire to aid the underserved visually impaired community. Only one family showed up for the inaugural event, but over the years, the Beeping Egg Hunt has grown into one of the DJCC's signature causes. DJCC staffer Chris Shim was on hand to play Easter Bunny, enduring all manner of roughhousing from the assembled children.

The FLEX.US Ultrasonic Leak Detector is a hand held, high quality compressed air leak detection system that has all the features necessary for flexible use in finding costly air leaks. The US.FLEX Ultrasonic Leak Detector is a solid tool built to last, it is easy to use and will provide many years of service. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The US.FLEX Ultrasonic Leak Detector is a complete kit, the high quality flexible sensor is mounted on the end of a flexible steel pipe so the ultrasonic sound sensor can access hard to reach areas. If they are an open Walkman style, it will be useless in a noisy plant because they offer absolutely NO protection from the ambient noise which can be at high levels!
For accessing tight areas some firms suggest using a hollow tube (tubular extension) with their system. The unit converts the ultrasonic noise of a leak into a sound humans can here (hissing sound) not ust some beeping sound or LED display that may not distinguish a leak sound from other phenomenon. By having a bandwidth this narrow we are able to eliminate other sources of ultrasonic parasite noise.

Ultrasound will not travel well into this tube so the equipment will be less sensitive in hard to reach areas. The US.FLEX Ultrasonic Leak Detector converts the ultrasonic sound to an audible range for humans. So how can you hear the leak in the headphone without protection from the ambient audible noise in the plant? Some competitive units would not be useable in a typical factory where hearing protection is mandatory because the inspector would have to insert ear plugs in his ears. At low frequency it is much more difficult to know where the sound is coming from because the wavelength is larger and more reflective.

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