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My father was a medical doctor, and used reel-to-reel tape recorders for dictation, as dictation machines had not yet been invented. During this entire period, I was playing in Greenwich Village backing up songwriters doing gigs ranging from folk to loud rock, at a rate of about twenty-five nights per month, year after year, often with both the opener and headliner. In 1990, I took out a lease in a much larger space in lower Manhattan, acquired a 2" 24-track machine, got a much larger console, and set up as a full-blown commercial enterprise.
Despite the fact that these had been available since the early 70's, I had never actually met anyone who owned one. The idea was to make a record (this was still the age of vinyl) with 12 different artists on it, each doing an original song. It had an integrated DBX noise reduction unit, which made it possible to make relatively hiss-free recordings.

It was a large floor-standing machine on wheels, which weighed almost twice as much as I did!. All through high school, I often stayed up late, piling track upon track, until the original tracks practically faded away from generation loss. Over the next six years, I ran it into the ground, recording everything from rehearsals, to gigs, to the occasional paying recording project. The record came with a magazine, which contained articles, editorials, the song lyrics, the local club calendar, etc.
By this point, I was involved in recording full-time, with full-length album projects being the norm.
Since I had been actively playing with tape recorders for over ten years already, I found it rather easy with such advanced tools!

Little did I know that it would become a 12-times-per-year venture that would last for over ten years.
I did all the recording for the first five or six years (except for occasional live recordings). I also got to play whatever overdubs I felt fit, which included me often playing bass (my main instrument), sometimes an additional guitar, and sometimes even the entire band!

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