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For those symptoms,western medicines will be relieved at the same time.But it fails to treat kidney disease from root perspective.Is there any other treatments for GFR 40 and Hearing Loss?
As with any medical condition, knowledge is power!  It’s better to be proactive for you or loved ones and be evaluated by a physician for CKD and a Doctor of Audiology for a hearing test—early intervention is key!  According to a Kidney Foundation survey, over half of those with moderate kidney disease have some hearing loss, and more than a third have severe to profound hearing loss. When you think about it, the shape of a kidney and the shape of an ear are very similar….hmmmm! Your Care?Our hearing care professionals have a doctorate in audiology and provide a precise assessment of your hearing and tailored care that goes beyond the hearing aid. Lead used to be found in almost  everything, from paint, to gasoline, to pipes, to children’s toys. It can cause symptoms that include hearing loss, delayed development, miscarriages, vomiting, kidney damage, nervous system damage, and more. While many people are aware that lead is not good for people, they are not always aware how it can permanently damaging the hearing of children, affecting their adult lives as well as early development.

While it was banned in the United States, many homes still have lead in them and it is important to know that many older homes still contain lead.
We will gladly help answer any of your hearing loss questions and can help you set up an appointment at one of our convenient office locations.
The good thing is that it is required by law for property sellers and landlords to disclose information about lead paint in the home. Knowing a house has lead paint is the first step in preventing your family from becoming sick or suffering from permanent hearing loss from it.
Lead, and other heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury are toxic to the inner ear and the pathways that send sounds to the brain for interpretation. Low levels of lead can lead to hearing loss as well, so whether your exposure is at home or at work, you want to be sure to keep yourself protected as much as possible.
If you are exposed to lead materials at work, your employer should be providing you with the proper safety gear to stay protected.

If you are a renter, you can contact your landlord to take care of covering or removing lead paint.
If you are looking to take care of lead paint in your home, you can either contact a service who will replace all lead covered surfaces in your home or you can paint over lead based paints. If you are in a home where lead paint has been covered, be sure to sweep away any paint chips that have fallen and be sure to also cover any cracking paint.
Keeping your home safe from lead will help keep your hearing and your children’s hearing safe!

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