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It is time to change the VA’s restrictive guidelines for diagnosing Hearing Loss and Tinnitus.
The VA’s current standard diagnostic testing uses only the standard hearing aid test Hertz frequency levels (Hz).
Military testing is usually to 6000 Hz and sometimes to the 8000 Hz International Standard. The International Diagnostic Standard for determining pathology measures to 8000 Hz.[2] The 8000 Hz level is used for diagnostics at other government agencies.
Below standard VA Hearing Loss and Tinnitus full diagnosis are policy but hopefully administratively changeable per claim with civilian diagnosis.
They have and will even deny claims from their physician’s using improper diagnostic Federal Procedure Codes. After a civilian diagnosis and a VA denial of benefits a second civilian diagnosis is appropriate to concur with the first civilian diagnosis.
Besides the County and State Representatives all Congressional Representatives have Aides to handle veteran’s issues. Such happened recently resulting with the loss of Oakland California’s Regional Director and her Aide. Consider your second claim a feint if denied and reapply with the second civilian diagnosis.
It took 4 years and Congressman Robert Matsui of Sacramento, CA finally got a bill passed in Congress in 1984.

All articles are social Mandated Reports to the social body regarding socialized violence and abuse. He is the author of the Handbook text references The Munchausen Complex: Socialization of Violence and Abuse and The Totemic Analogy in Bible Symbolism. All comments and messages are approved by people and self promotional links or unacceptable comments are denied. In a new genome-wide association study, an international team of neuroscientists has found evidence that some people may be more genetically susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss than others.
Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illnesses in the United States, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Those at higher, genetic risk for hearing loss may decide to take additional precautionary measures to protect their hearing prior to hazardous noise exposure, study authors say. While some gene association studies on noise-induced hearing loss in people have been conducted in the past, all were very small and their results un-replicated. In the USC study, conducted at the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute, Friedman’s team identified the Nox3 gene, which is almost exclusively expressed in the inner ear, as a key gene for susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss. It is TINNITUS – a perceived ringing or buzzing in the ear when no actual sound exists. What causes tinnitus?  While we can’t always determine the cause of tinnitus in every patient, we know that tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease itself.  It can be caused by disorders of the middle or inner ear, foreign objects or wax in the ear, or exposure to loud sounds. In the absence of these more severe symptoms, a good place to start is with an audiologist.  All audiologists should have received some exposure to tinnitus theory in their training.

The important thing to remember is that if tinnitus is interfering with your quality of life, there is help available from specialists right here in the Treasure Valley. Genome-wide association studies, or GWAS, search the entire genome for common genetic variants to see if any of those variants are associated with a trait.
Using 64 of the 100 strains of mice in the Hybrid Mouse Diversity Panel, the team was able to increase the statistical power of its investigation, leading to the first published GWAS for noise-induced hearing loss in mice. Miller currently serves on the national audiology advisory council for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and is active at the local, national, and international levels in the Special Olympics Healthy Hearing program. With mild hearing loss and frequency hearing loss, the only symptom might be subtle difficulty with word understanding, particularly in situations where there is competing noise. In 2013, the Department of Veterans Affairs reported hearing loss as one of the most common disabilities among veterans receiving disability compensation. Mouse GWAS have lead to the discovery of hundreds of genes involved in complex traits that have immediate relevance to people. He has been on the faculty of three universities and has owned private practices in Oklahoma City and Dallas. Foye then admitted from McCall’s doctor’s letter that they were in violation of contractual Intent, Patient Abandonment and when in service there was Dereliction of Duty.

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